Wave the new money transfer solution in Senegal

Wave Senegal: sa xaliss yay borom. But who exactly is this penguin with its slogan? It is quite simply an innovation in the sector of the money transfer to Senegal. You do not believe me ?


1.The payment of bills

The water or electricity bill came back quite high this month. You don't have time, so you decide to pay via a money transfer service. And that's the peak! Pay fees to pay his bills?!

With wave Senegal it is FINISHED ! Paying bills is free and yes you heard it free!

Invoice Woyofal, senelec, sen water, But also buy credit at free, orange, espresso SYEARS COSTS, 0FCFA , NADA !

2. Money transfer


And again they hit hard. The transfer fee is 1%. Well, we are not all strong in calculation here 1% on each transaction concretely what does that mean?

Send 2500 => fresh 25f

5000 => fresh 50 f

10.000 =>  costs 100 f

50.000 => costs 500f

100.000 => costs 1000 f 

Imagine all the savings you make with wave. You find better elsewhere, just let me know!

You can even send money to someone who doesn't have an account via code transfer.

Envoyer un wave sans l’application

Utilisez désormais les services Wave, même sans connexion internet.
Pour Orange, au #2171#
Pour Free: au #171# ou avec l’application en laissant les données mobiles activées
Pour Expresso: utilisez l’application sans connexion en activant les données mobiles.

internationally :

With Wave Senegal you can receive money from France or the USA to Senegal thanks to the SENDWAVE application available on Google Play store and App store (click here)

  • If the recipient has a wave account: he receives the money directly into his account and can withdraw it from the Wave agent of his choice. A notification notifies you by sms or directly on the application.
  • If the recipient does not have a wave account : he receives a notification sms with a code. He will therefore be able to withdraw his money at a wave point provided with his identity document and the code.

3. Deposit and withdrawal

Deposits and withdrawals are free. You deposit your money in your account without paying anything and you withdraw it for free

With all that Sa xaliss yay borom do we believe it or not?

Nothing being perfect unfortunately Wave Senegal still has some points to improve:

  • When you download the app I would like to have a little guide that explains what wave is and how to use it.
  • Account balance is highly visible which can cause privacy issues
  • The point waves are not very diverse. Sometimes it's hard to find one in your neighborhood. A real headache!
  • Some services such as canal+, TNT, excaf, buy an internet pass… are not yet present

Apart from that, Wave Senegal is certainly the money transfer service that offers the best prices on the Senegalese market.

However, with such low prices, shouldn't we wonder about the sustainability of these offers?

Wait and see!

How to create a wave account?

To open an account is simple: stay at your house, take your phone, go to Play store, type Wave Senegal and download the application, then just follow the instructions in less than 10 min it's done.

Customer service can be reached free of charge at 200 600 number unique available 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mobile money being a sector very popular with scammers, beware if another number calls you.

How do I cancel a Wave transfer?

To cancel a wave transfer, you must call customer service on 200600. Then you introduce yourself and announce the purpose of your request, in this case a cancellation of sending. Then the account manager will ask you to remind him of your First name and Last name, then the recipient's number. And at their level after verification sends you the money to transfer to your wave account in less than a minute.

How to become a Wave distributor?

You plan to open a multiservice and to be a wave agent but you don't know how to do it. We got you the info.

To open a wave point and be an agent as they (wave) say, you absolutely need a room and then gather the following documents to build your file:


-Commercial register

- Legalized copy of the national identity card

After having collected these documents you call 200600 to let them know that you want to open a point wave and in return they will send you a message (sms) with a link to open to fill in the form.

By filling out the form you must activate your mobile data, your geolocation and be in the premises where you want to open. It is essential to be in the room when filling out the form because geolocation allows wave to know which other points are open in your area. Because they must respect the rules of distance between the wave points which is 300 m between each point.

You will complete the form by answering the questions asked such as:

“Are you in the room where you want to open the point wave? » the geolocation data is automatically recorded, then you fill in your first and last name, the number associated with the wave account, the region where you are, if you manage other mobile money services apart from wave, the amount you have for open stitch etc.

If your profile matches them, you will be contacted by one of their sales representatives.

The question concerning the amount you have is to allow them to know if your working capital is sufficient not to suffer a breakdown depending on the area where you are.

Depending on the zone, the working capital varies between 750,000 fr and 300,000 fr. by informing the region where you are the surrounding district you will be informed of the exact amount of working capital.

For more information please visit the website www.wave.com or call 200600.

wave customer service

To contact customer service call 200600

4-merchant payment

With Wave senegal you can pay the merchant through merchant payment. Just scan the QR code available on your application interface to pay for your purchase. No more carrying around with cash and running the risk of being robbed.

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