Prices for money transfer solutions in Senegal – Orange money, Wari, Wave, Free money

Whether it is to send or recover money, there is no shortage of money transfer services in Senegal. But which one offers the best rates on the market. Let's take a closer look.

If I transfer 2000 f how much will it cost me?
– Free money costs 20 fcfa
– Orange money costs 180 fcfa
– Wari 200 f
On this one the wari appears the most expensive even if the difference between the operators is 5 to 25 f

For a transfer of 5000 f how much does it cost me?
wave 50f
– Free money 50f
– Orange money 350f
– Wari 400f
Here the difference is quickly felt. Wave and free money hit hard between 250-350f less than these competitors. Orange money ranks third with 350f. And finally Wari which appears more expensive than the others.

For a transfer of 10,000 f
– Fresh wave: 100f
– Free money fee: 100 fcfa
– Orane money fees: 500 fcfa
– Fresh Wari: 700 fcfa

And there again big difference with wave and free which stand out from the others. wari which on the other hand shows a difference of 200fca compared to the latter two.

For a transfer of 20.000f
– Fresh Wave: 200f
– Free money fee: 200f
– Orange money fees: 900f
– Fresh Wari: 1300f

In summary Wave and free money clearly stand out from their competitors with very low prices. Orange money is in the middle of the table and finally WARI which follows Orange Money but remains the most expensive all the same. So which one to choose? The choice is up to the customers. However, in your choice of money transfer service, you will have to base yourself on:
– Reliability
- The rates
– The diversity and proximity of the points in relation to the dwellings
- Utilisation facility
– His personal experience with the service
– And finally his preferences quite simply


And you, which of these money transfer services do you prefer? Why ? Share your good or bad experience with one of them. Leave your opinion in the comments.

RisingFees payableSolution
1501 - 3000 FCFA180 fcfaorange money
200 fcfaWari
3001 - 5000 FCFACFAF 350orange money
400 FCFAWari
5000 FCFACFAF 50wave
CFAF 50Free-money
CFAF 350orange money
400 FCFAWari
5001 - 10 000 FCFA500 FCFAorange money
CFAF 600Wari
CFAF 10,000CFAF 100wave
CFAF 100Free-money
10001 - 15000 FCFA700 FCFAorange money
900 FCFAWari
15000 FCFACFAF 150wave
CFAF 150Free-money
15001 - 20000 FCFA900 FCFAorange money
1000 FCFAWari
20000 FCFA200 FCFAwave
200 FCFAFree-money
20001 - 25000 FCFA1400 FCFAorange money
1500 FCFAWari
25000 FCFA250 FCFAwave
250 FCFAFree-money
25001 - 30000 FCFA1400 FCFAorange money
1500 FCFAWari
30000 FCFACFAF 300wave
CFAF 300Free-money
300001 - 35000 FCFA1400 FCFAorange money
1500 FCFAWari
CFAF 35,000CFAF 350wave
CFAF 350Free-money
CFAF 35,001 - 50,0001700 FCFAorange money
1800 FCFAWari
CFAF 50,000500 FCFAwave
500 FCFAFree-money
CFAF 75,000CFAF 750Free-money
CFAF 750wave
2600 FCFAorange money
2700 FCFAWari
CFAF 100,0001000 FCFAwave
1000 FCFAFree-money
2600 FCFAorange money
3000 FCFAWari
CFAF 150,0001500 FCFAwave
1500 FCFAFree-money
3500 FCFAorange money
3600 FCFAWari



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