3 gift ideas for men in Dakar

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, let its magic enter your home by offering a gift to your loved ones or partner. We never get tired of living the same tune, the same story, but the magic settles every year in front of our door. Whatever our destination, it is there. And it always comes with a little present that warms our hearts. This year Senegalndiaye accompanies you for the choice of your gifts by unearthing interesting places.

For men

Giving a man a gift can sometimes be a headache, but if you know what the person likes or looks good on him, all you have to do is buy it and give it to him. Ah yes, we always notice his pair of glasses or his Cartier watch made for his wrist. We all know that watches are made for men and Mathydy knows it better than us. Its accessories have nothing to envy to the watches of the major brands. The Samory and the Guelewar are perfect for gifts without forgetting the Damel very popular with men. Take a ride on www.mathydy.com and you will end up ordering.

On the other hand, some people like to dress chic and modern, in the office as well as at home. Nice clothes do not leave them indifferent, let Nova sport do the job for you. It is known for its beautiful items at great prices. For men you will find shoes, boots or moccasins of all sizes, you know better what your man wants. You will see sports bags, office and formal wear. Order online at www.nova.sn and pay on delivery or go on site at 61, Avenue G. Pompidou Dakar. The service can be reached at 77 826 85 85.


We always appreciate an outfit over accessories. Yes, a beautiful neutral, tricolor watch or a discreet bracelet fitted to a manly wrist always brings out the class of his Lacoste or the color of his eyes. So why not a little gift to your darling. Only the problem is that the crowds of the shops tire us, and far from us the idea to go there.

No worries, one click, a small gift it's on Yellow who evolves in the field of fashion. he created his own brand in 2018 which aims to promote local consumption through products and accessories such as: computer bags, backpacks, handbags, travel bags, bananas, schoolbags etc… Thus, to successfully promote local consumption, he uses well-colored and very stylish African fabrics such as wax, woodin, or bogolan patched with leather, semi-leather or din; which makes the bags very chic with durable use