With the new orange illiflex, compose your own illimix

Orange Senegal launches its new illiflex. Thanks to this offer, customers can now design their own call plan and internet volume.

With an amount between 500 F CFA and 10,000 F CA, the customer according to his budget can adjust the call minutes and his internet package as he wishes. Indeed, he has the choice to modify his Illiflex at any time while remaining on the same amount.

How much for what package?

With illiflex you have several choices:

  • Indeed, you can choose a package between 500 and CFAF 1200, in addition, you will have a validity period of one day with 100 bonus texts.
  • You can also choose an amount between 1300 and CFAF 2100, you will have a ski pass valid for seven days accompanied by 300 text bonuses.
  • You can also choose the interval 2200 at CFAF 10,000, the pass will be valid for thirty days with 500 text bonuses.

Note that the call volumes are valid towards all networks.

Who can subscribe to this offer?

Only Jamono New S'cool, Jamono Allo, Jamono Max, Blocked Plan and Jamono Pro customers can subscribe to this new offer. However, customers who benefit from a postpaid or Kirène offer are not concerned.

How do I subscribe to illiflex orange?

To create your Illiflex Orange you have several choices:

  • You can dial the code on your mobile phone USSD #250# and choose the option 5 to buy an Illiflex and then renew it or even give it to someone. If you have an Orange Money account, call it #144#
  • You can also use the two Orange applications to subscribe to an illIflex including: orange and me and Orange Money

New with the Illiflex Orange offer

Orange's new plan offers many advantages.

  • From now on, with illiflex, the customer can combine packages. Indeed, he can buy an illiflex while he has another valid one. In addition, the validity date will depend on the package that will have the longest period of validity.

With illiflex you can combine as many data and call packages.

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