Ice cream prices in Dakar

Summer is slowly but surely approaching, it's time to get out the flannel dresses, the fags and Bermuda shorts. But above all to schedule outings with friends, colleagues or family towards… the glacier miaammm!

We offer for this the four most famous ice cream parlors of Dakar as well as their price range of a scoop of ice cream with 3 scoops, or even the 1 liter tray if you want to splurge!

nice cream

The unbeatable Nice'cream located on Avenue Peytavin opposite Immeuble Kébé, you will find a wide choice of flavors ranging from:

-1001 nights for you to discover oriental flavors with sesame ice cream

– Bounty, coconut ice cream with crispy coconut and chocolate shavings

-5 cereals, for the amateurs with a coulis of white chocolate and you melt!

-chery mania, for lovers of chocolate associated with red fruits you will be served with this subtle blend of cherry-chocolate.

You can naturally widen your choices by going there or try to get an overview by consulting their website. and see what the featured ice cream flavor of the week is. Their delivery service is also available every day on 33 823 35 45.


-1 ball of perfume = 1,000 fcfa

-2 balls = 1,500 fcfa

-3 balls = 2,000 fcfa

– American cone 2 flavors = 2,000 fcfa

-California dream = 2,500 fcfa

- 1 liter tray = 5,700 fcfa


Located on the Keur Gorgui city opposite Sonatel, you will find a variety of flavors of ice cream to taste in a pot or a cone. You have a palette of perfumes, some as original as the others between the

-mojito, ice cream with lemon mint

-nutella, chocolate ice cream. You'll feel like emptying the Nutella jar!

-amarena, let yourself be tempted by the vanilla flavor of this ice cream combined with the amarena cherry, you will be overwhelmed.

-mamamia, eponymous ice cream from the shop, gourmet milk chocolate topped with chocolate coulis.

The service is open every day and they even deliver.


They vary between 1,000fr and 2,000fr on average.

-1 ball = 1.000fr

-2 scoops = 1,500 fr

– 3 scoops = 2,000 fr


It is located in Mermoz.

If you like to have ice cream but the strong taste of sugar bothers you a little Yoghurtlandia is the ideal place for you. It offers you ice cream made from yogurt with a variety of sauces from chocolate-nutella-kinder-bueno coulis to pistachio through fruit coulis such as mango, passion fruit or even strawberry. 'lots of choice. In addition, the topping is unlimited as long as your cake does not overflow, and to this are added chocolate balls, macaroons and colored chocolate vermicelli: all this in your pot and according to your wishes. You make your ice cream. You will have noticed that the ice creams are served in pots.

Their menu and prices:

Frozen Yogurt Granitas

-1 jar pm = 2,000 fr – granita pm = 1,500 fr

– 1 pot m =2.500fr -granita gm = 2.000fr

-1 pot gm = 3.000fr – yogranité pm = 2.000fr

Tray 1 liter 6500fr -yogranité gm = 2.500 fr

For more info you can reach them at 33 860 88 89.

Regis Glacier

Located at Sacré Cœur 3 between the Yellow Bakery and JVC, offers you several different flavors ranging from:

- date ice cream

-pina colada

-Salted butter caramel

– mango and watermelon ice cream

You have the choice between the cornets-cones or the pots. You can also taste the sorbets with original flavors: like the bissap sorbet, the ditakh, the pep's touch is the Tol sorbet, tangy, spicy with a hint of salt.

The costs

-1 scoop = 1,500 fr

-2 scoops = 2,000 fr

-3 scoops = 2,500 fr

You have the possibility to add an additional

-Chocolate, caramel, strawberry topping = 500 fr

- Chantilly = 1.000 fr

-Hazelnuts, almonds = 1,000 fr

- Tray 1 liter = 10.000 fr

You can always contact them on 33 867 88 88.

Finally, all these glaciers also offer light ice cream.

Good tasting and don't forget to take selfies!

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