Vocational training schools in Senegal

The schools of professional training in Senegal allow the student to acquire knowledge and know-how in a specific field. Indeed, there are dozens of vocational training institutes in Senegal that provide initial vocational training or continuing education. Their number continues to increase over the years. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know the types of training provided and the training schools accredited by ANAQ-Sup and CAMES.

Duration of vocational training in Senegal, price and purpose

Vocational training schools in Senegal provide courses with a specific duration in different sectors.

The duration of the training

Most training schools in Senegal provide continuing education. Indeed, the course is long. But, you have several options. Indeed, you can opt for two years of training in these 2 years, you can follow for example the BTS. You can also for a period of 3 years do the license and more 2 years for the Master. On the other hand, whatever the course, you will have a diploma at the end.

Voici une liste de quelques centres au Sénégal :

  1. Centre de Formation Professionnelle et Technique (CFPT) de Dakar
  2. Institut Supérieur de Formation Professionnelle (ISFP) de Thiès
  3. Centre de Formation Professionnelle et Technique (CFPT) de Saint-Louis
  4. Centre de Formation Professionnelle et Technique (CFPT) de Ziguinchor
  5. Centre de Formation Professionnelle et Technique (CFPT) de Kaolack
  6. Centre de Formation Professionnelle et Technique (CFPT) de Tambacounda
  7. Centre de Formation Professionnelle et Technique (CFPT) de Kolda
  8. Centre de Formation Professionnelle et Technique (CFPT) de Louga
  9. Centre de Formation Professionnelle et Technique (CFPT) de Diourbel
  10. Centre de Formation Professionnelle et Technique (CFPT) de Matam

The price of vocational training in Senegal

Vocational training is expensive and requires considerable resources. On the other hand, some training schools accept training grants which can allow you to considerably reduce the costs. Indeed, if you obtain a full training grant, you will only be responsible for paying the registration fee, which on average is between 250,000 and 350,000 CFA francs per year. On the other hand, some training schools in Senegal do not accept training grants. You then have to pay an average of 1,100,000 CFA francs per year.

The purpose of vocational training in Senegal  

The aim of a vocational training is the acquisition of solid knowledge oriented towards practice. In addition, at the end of the training the learner will be graduate, but it is necessary that the latter be recognized by the State.

Is it possible to do vocational training in Senegal without the baccalaureate?

The answer is yes, indeed, you can do a training without the baccalaureate diploma. You have the option of joining private training schools or business schools. However, some higher education schools can let you do the license without the baccalaureate, but on the condition that you pass the baccalaureate as an independent candidate.

List of training schools accredited by the State in Senegal and existing sector

Two organizations are responsible for the accreditation of training schools in Senegal. Indeed, the first is theANAQ-Sup which since its creation on August 7, 2012 evaluates the quality of education in training schools. And the second, the CAMES (African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education) responsible for accrediting the diplomas of the higher schools of these member countries, of which Senegal is a part.

Here is a list of training schools in Senegal recognized by CAMES

  • AFI-University
  • Dakar Bordeaux Management School
  • Dakar Management School
  • CO
  • IS M
  • ESSA
  • SUP Food
  • ISI
  • ISDD
  • ISM
  • ISEG

Note that this list is not exhaustive. On the other hand, an accredited training school does not mean that all these courses remain validated by the State. But be careful, before enrolling in a course, ask if the diploma will be recognized at the end of the training. To find out more, you can also visit the official ANAQ-Sup website.

Here is a list of courses that you will find in vocational training schools in Senegal.

  • Bank Finance Insurance
  • Business Management and Creation
  • Marketing and communication
  • Journalism and Communication
  • International trade
  • Management IT
  • Logistic transport
  • Maintenance and Network
  • Engineering (Civil, Software)
  • Agribusiness
  • Computer science
  • Monetics

So many other training courses await you in the training schools in Senegal.

Training scholarship offer what you need to know

Training scholarships, unlike academic scholarships, only contribute to tuition fees.

What are the types of training scholarships offered in Senegal?

There are two types of training scholarships in Senegal, half scholarships and full scholarships. Indeed, with half scholarships you get a reduction of 50 TP2T on monthly tuition fees while with full scholarships you only pay for registration. Also, the scholarship usually lasts for the entire duration of the cycle.

Where can one find a training grant in Senegal?  

Training scholarships are offered by goodwill, associations, organizations. Indeed, most publish their call for tenders on social networks or on their own website. However, you should know that some ask for application fees which are around 10,000 CFA francs for students of Senegalese nationality and 30,000 CFA francs for foreigners.

To benefit from it, all you have to do is fill out an online form. If you are selected, you will be contacted to finalize your registration.

There are many vocational training schools in Senegal, but most are in Dakar. In addition, you can do a BTS, a DUT, the license or the master. Despite the high cost of training, you will have a training grant in some of these schools. Now that you have all this information, it's up to you.

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