The new illimix from Orange Senegal – illimix 2200 FCFA and illimix 4000 FCFA

The new orange illimix offers at 2200 FCFA and the offer at 4000 FCFA will be available from August 31, 2020.

In a statement published in the press of this Friday, August 29, 2020, Sonatel indicates that at the end of " consultations with its stakeholders, its customers, consumer associations, the Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority, (it) informs its kind customers of the marketing of new additional packages to the range launched on July 22, 2020 ".

The new offers will therefore be as follows:

Orange illimix 2200 FCFA

Monthly package (30 days) to 2200 FCFA with :
300 minutes calls to all networks;
750 MB internet;
100 text messages

illimix orange 2200

Orange illimix 4000 FCFA

Monthly package (30 days) to 4000 FCFA with :
600 minutes calls to all networks;
2000 MB internet;
200 text messages

illimix orange 4000 fcfa

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