How to buy in France, China, USA from Senegal


For your purchases in France, Wonema accompanies you and takes care of forwarding your parcels to Senegal safely within a reasonable time. First, to simplify your task, register on the site to have a customer account allowing you to make your purchases as needed. Done Wonema takes over for the delivery of your orders in Senegal. The cost of forwarding is 7500FCFA per order and is only valid for small parcels sent by air. An order is limited to a maximum of 2 sites or shops and for a weight not exceeding 2 kilos. You have 24 hours to modify or delete your order. Shipping costs are calculated on the basis of 8.00€/kg. Payment is made by credit card. And for delivery, it can be done first at Wonema's premises or directly to your home. For the costs of small parcels, the transport is carried out by air and the amount of the delivery costs is 8.00€/kg. For your heavy and/or bulky parcels, the transport is carried out by boat and the amount of the delivery costs is made on an estimate. Note that if the item ordered is not available in stores or in the Paris region, an additional delivery time (2 to 5 working days) which varies according to the brands may be applied. Your parcels can be exchanged or returned but at your expense. Wonema also supports professionals. For more information, call 78 460 01 01 and 06 38 39 15 08 if you are in France, or send an email to The service is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.



For your purchases in France or the United States, trust Easy delivery. Shop elsewhere and have it delivered to your home in no time. How it works ? First create an account to obtain the address of their warehouse in France or the United States, then start your online shopping anywhere in Europe then ship the order to the address given by Easy delivery when registering on the platform. You can choose the offers that suit you best with an unlimited number of packages, free storage for 20 days in their warehouses while you group other orders as needed for 4euros/package Easy Delivery allows you to open and check your parcels by photo. Once the package is ready, the service sends it to your home. The reshipping price is set according to the size and weight of your package. To request an opinion call +33 9 83 28 15 23/ +33 6 81 29 79 59 or send a message to customer service on the site


Summer is the sales period, so don't hesitate to treat yourself, especially since Colisexpat covers more than 200 brands online. Make your online purchases in the United States or France and Colisexpat receives them for you in Senegal. The first step is to first create an account on their site to get the address of their warehouses. The service access fee is free for the first shipment instead of 4.90E. The package consolidation fee is 2.90and and the reshipping costs depend on the size of the package. Need more info, send an email to, the service is very responsive.


And the best for last, shopmeaway, simple service, turnaround time delivery short and to top it off, a gift reshipping fee. The principle is simple, create your profile on the site, get shipping addresses in France, USA or China, ship your orders there and let the service ship it back to you in one piece. You can also let them do the shopping for you, just provide them with some product information or send them links. Payment for your parcels can be made by Orange money, Wari or Cash. Groupage invoicing is made on the maximum between 14EUR per Kg or 20% of the value for France (respectively 23$ of the Kg or 25% of the value for the USA). This invoicing takes into account duties and taxes and you therefore do not have to pay a supplement upon arrival in Senegal. Weight refers to the maximum between gross weight and volume weight. So check the accuracy of the dimensions because the final invoice will take into account the actual weights and dimensions of the package (packaging included). The site has a calculation simulator. For delivery times, they are 6 to 12 by air in France or 4 to 5 weeks by boat. For the United States, they are 12 to 21 days by air and 6 to 8 weeks by ship. The shopmeaway pro is made for professionals who want to master supply circuits. For more information, call +221 77 828 99 39. The service located in Dakar, Route de Ngor can be reached between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.