Romantic places to visit as a couple in Senegal

Outings as a couple, dinner for two, seeing the sun set on the horizon are all opportunities offered by the romantic places in senegal. Indeed, the country of Teranga is an essential area to find places to celebrate love as a duo. Beach, islands, natural park and lake will offer you dream moments. Discover in this article the romantic places to visit as a couple in Senegal.

Romantic places in Senegal: discovering the islands

You have decided to make a getaway as a couple to discover romantic places in Senegal. Indeed, the country shelters islands which it is absolutely necessary to visit. However, these are not simple landscapes. You will find plenty of activities to do there.

Goree Island

The island is fifteen kilometers off the coast of Dakar. If you are looking for an area that is calm, romantic and rich in culture, you have come to the right place. Indeed, the island is the favorite place of the Senegalese. As a couple, you will have the opportunity to visit the house of slaves which traces the history of servitude, the women's museum and the sea museum.

If that's not enough for you, you can share crazy moments with your partner at lovers beach. Indeed, the latter offers all the opportunities to make you live magical moments. You can also end your one-on-one escape with a variety of Senegalese dishes in the cabins.

The Saloum Islands

You need a change of air, be in contact with nature, Sine-Saloum offers you the best opportunities. This area is famous for these islands.

Among these islands we can mention:

Saloum Delta National Park : it covers 76,000 ha. Indeed, it consists only of mangroves and marshes. The water in the park forms a kind of labyrinth. You can cross it in the company of your partner, its vast expanses of water in a canoe. It is a true haven of peace where you will be in communion with nature. You will have the chance to see rare birds like the Kingfisher, the Heron, the Flamingo.

Seashell Island: the island is located in Fadiouth near Joal. Indeed, it is connected to Joal by a wooden bridge. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discover a sandy ground invaded by shallow water ideal for swimming. It is also an opportunity to watch all kinds of oysters.

Romantic places in Senegal: the beaches not to be missed this summer

Romantic places in Senegal are not just limited to the islands. Indeed, the country offers hundreds of kilometers of beach ideal for forays as a couple. These offer sunshine all day.

Cap Skirring beach

This beach is located in the southwest of the country on the coast of Casamance. Indeed, it is considered the most beautiful of Senegal's beaches. It extends over a length of five kilometers. It's a great place to spend magical moments together.

Also from there you can discover many coastal villages of the Casamance.

The beaches of Saly  

It is located 80 km from the city of Dakar in the Mbour region. Indeed, this beach is the best known of Senegal. It is bordered by palms. You will find restaurants and villas ready to welcome you. The water is very calm, it is ideal for swimming as a couple all day long.

The beaches of Ngor  

Ngor Island is located in Dakar off the coast of the Cape Verde peninsula. It is a real place of tranquility, but also of relaxation. The island is full of various shores such as Almadies beach. You can do many activities there such as diving, snorkeling to observe various varieties of fish in the clear waters.

Other romantic places to visit in Senegal

The romantic places in Senegal are not only limited to the islands and beaches, it is also places like the pink lake and the hotels.

Pink Lake  

It is one of the magical spaces offered by the city of Dakar in terms of romantic places. This lake borrows the color of love. You can do full activity there as a couple. Indeed, arm in arm you can walk or horseback in vast sandy terrain. It is also an opportunity to discover motorcycle rides.


Here is a list of romantic hotels to visit in Senegal.

  • Hotel Monaco beach : This hotel has its own private shore. It is the ideal place for one-on-one couples. In addition, it offers a healthy climate thanks to the coconut trees that are present all around the site. However, the dormitories are well equipped in addition, it allows to have a view of the island of Gorée.
  • Hotel Pullman Dakar Teranga : This majestic hotel is exactly the place you need for your couple outings in Senegal. Indeed, it has 247 rooms and suites. It gives a view of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Golden Veil: it is located in the city center of Dakar. This is a great place for those seeking tranquility.

Romantic places in Senegal offer many opportunities. Indeed, whether you are a couple who want to enjoy life or who want to spend a magical honeymoon. The country of Teranga will delight you with its islands, beaches and restaurants.