Pizza prices in Dakar

Ciao ragazzi! See the pizza? Seguimi !

It's summer let's enjoy the sun, the fresh air and why not a good slice of pizza we all love it. So much for the line. Why sacrifice yourself when you can have fun. We have selected for you the best pizzas in Dakar and their prices as well as the contacts where you can reach them.


Want a good pizza with the taste of Italy, go to the Piazzola. Located in Mermoz, this Italian restaurant offers you a plethora of variety of pizza between Napolitana, the country girl, the house specialty piazzola (you won’t be disappointed with the béchamel sauce, beef/pork ham and mushrooms and the pool of runny cheese miaaammmm…), the vegetarian, Stromboli, the Sardinia and finally the pizza Raclette you can be spoiled for choice.

Prices vary between 3,000 and 8,000 fr


Small model = 3000fr; Medium = 4000fr; GM = 5000fr


MP = 3.500fr; M = 4.500fr; GM = 5.500fr


MP = 5.000fr; M= 6,000fr; GM = 7.000fr


MP= 4.000fr; M = 5.500fr; GM= 7.500fr

Del Mare

MP = 6.000fr; M= 7,000fr; GM= 8.000fr

You can also consult their instagram page la_piazzola_mermoz to consult the menu of the day offered or call 33 860 36 14 for more info.



Looking to travel through flavors, at Alberto pizza every bite is a journey to the land of pizza cheese.

Located on the Route de Ngor opposite Résidence Bib's Dakar, you have a wide choice on the menu with an affordable price.

Average pizza = 3500fr

Large = 5000fr

American pizza pm = 4000fr

Large = 6000fr

Savoyard pizza pm = 5000fr

Large = 7000fr

The menu varies between the classic Reine, Margharite, Mediterranean pizza and other more original ones such as Zaatar, tuna pizza and if you are a vegetarian don't worry there is also something for you so you no longer need to deprive yourself of a good part.

Alberto also innovates on the shape of the pizza, by inserting a pizza in the shape of a heart.

For more info you can call 78 149 34 34.


Located in Sacré Coeur 3 offers you an original menu divided into 3 categories:

Classic Pizza

of which the margarita , vegetarian, 4 cheeses, countryside …. And which cost:

PM= 3.500fr

M= 7.000fr

GM= 9.500fr

Dakar Pizza

This menu brings together original and innovative names salimata, Mame Guedj, Latyfah, pepesou, mameboy and their prices are

MP = 4.000fr

M= 7.500fr

GM= 10.000fr

Cream Base

In the same vein as the menu Dakar, this one also contains unusual pizza names : Alboury, Coumbabang, Sundiata, Ramsess, Simala. And as the name of the menu suggests, everything is cream-based. The price is between this range:

MP= 4.000fr

M= 8.000fr

GM= 10.500fr

They are open until midnight every evening you can call 77 522 43 43 or 33 842 84 86 to place your orders or visit their website for an online order

4-YUM-YUM Pizza

Located on the Ouakam entrance near the SGBS. You have the possibility to order your pizza and have it delivered by the same service without getting tired. If you also want to take a breath of fresh air, you can always go there. On the menu you will have pizza Carnivore BBQ sauce, Carnivore tomato sauce, Supreme5 fresh cream cheeses, Bacon Groovy, honey goat whose prices vary between 3.000fr and 8.000fr

Solo pizza = 3.000fr

Duo = 5.000fr

Family = 7.000fr

Family Pan = 8.000fr

There are also the classics like the Queen, Oriental Veggie… which cost:

Solo = 2.500fr

Duo = 4.500fr

Family = 6.500fr

Family pan = 7.500fr

The pizza margarita has its variants like mixed, with mushrooms or olives and are included in a price range between:

Solo = 2.500fr

Duo = 4.000fr

Family = 6.000fr

Family Pan = 7.000fr

Online order

Monday 9am-10.30pm

Tuesday 9am-10.30pm

Wednesday 9am-10.30pm

Thursday 9am-10.30pm

Friday 9am-10.30pm

Saturday 9am-10.30pm

Sunday 9am-10.30pm

Telephone 33 865 62 62


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