How to find job offers in Senegal?

We have all experienced the infernal routine of a job search. This period when we spent the day writing and printing CVs, making rounds everywhere in companies without response, fortunately this method is over. Today, the situation has changed especially with the pandemic. Many sites publish job offers and requests to facilitate recruitment and integration. You just have to do the sorting to know the most interesting and easy to use sites. For this, Senegal Ndiaye offers you some platforms specially designed for job offers and requests.


Let's start with the beginning, GOOGLE, here is a platform that we think of first for an active job search. It generates sites and offers you recent applications from different networks. To take advantage of it, do a search on “Senegal employment” and let the engine run. Once your search is launched, go to parameter to filter (recent date, region, specific trade). The Google for jobs offers you at the top of the list some recent job applications; Then take a look at LinkedIn and Novojob via Emploi Dakar/Senegal, Sen job or Expat Dakar.


LinkedIn, an essential professional meeting place, the first site on the list to visit. A social network where 75% recruiters are there to assess applications. Very easy to use, just link it to your Gmail account and you're there. If there is a tool that can help you with your professional integration, it is this one. How to follow offers in real time. As soon as you register, update your profile, join groups of professionals in your sector and let your colleagues or ex-employers recommend your skills on the network, which will help you gain more visibility among recruiters. For more speed you can download the application on your smartphone.
When you are logged in, you can access the " jobs » present on the menu and thus find all the job offers related to your sector of activity.

Jobs Senegal

Covering more than thirty African countries, the emploienegal platform is one of the first sites committed to employment. Free, it is designed to connect candidates looking for a job and companies from all sectors of activity wishing to recruit employees. To take advantage of this, register for free to access all functions via a personal space: targeted search for job offers or profiles. Once registered, you can activate email alerts to track applications in real time and other functions. In addition to job advertisements and internship offers, the site offers advice to assist you in your job search (drafting of CVs, cover letters, etc.). For companies, they benefit from a basic job announcement per month as soon as they register. Beyond that, the site provides companies with Premium ads with prices that can be viewed online. So do not hesitate to visit the site at

His job

Always to accompany you in this crucial stage of your life, Senegal Ndiaye also offers you the Sen job site, a daily partner that simplifies your online procedures. With more than 75,000 active members, sen job remains a very professional and easy-to-use job search site. Whatever your level of qualification, you can join the network by registering on the The site also offers a consulting service in pre-employment and in writing cover letters for newcomers.


With more than 75 million candidates consulting the website each month and more than 1,000 employment network partners, Neuvoo job guarantees you a job that costs you. Sign up to receive new offers in your personal space. Neuvoo job is an additional advantage for recruiters who are looking for candidates. The site allows you to sponsor your applications so that they appear at the top of the list on Google for jobs. Do not procrastinate contacting them on the site by filling out a short questionnaire.

Jobs in Dakar

Emploi Dakar is also a widely followed and used job search platform in Senegal. A recruitment media, with more than 60,000 members, 2,000 constantly updated job offers and 17,000 unique CVs. Like LinkedIn, it makes every effort to meet the expectations of candidates by offering them the key services for a successful job search. Once on the site you can consult job offers for free, and submit your CV. If you have trouble writing yours, Emploi Dakar always offers you one. To access it, you just need to register and complete the information about yourself. Each time an offer matches your profile, it notifies you by email. So don't hesitate any longer, subscribe to or send a message to for more information.


Expat-Dakar is also a portal that offers a simple and practical way to find a job. With several hundred advertisements published on the site, you necessarily have applications for your profile. Even if it is not exclusively reserved for the job search, it can be part of your watch list. For more information, the offices of Expat Dakar are located at Sacré Coeur 3 Villa 9343 VDN? You can also call +221 33 827 83 03 /76 644 47 49. To register visit the site


Still in the job search, you can take a look at the Novojob site. A platform specially designed for job seekers and employers looking for candidates. A platform with very light search options, i.e. you select the search by function, sector or region. To contact the site, all you have to do is fill out a form and the page will respond to you. And for job offers, register on the and start applying.

Interim companies

You can also submit your CV to the temp companies that recruit most of the time. You first send your CV so that it is in the database and the company most often asks you for an interim position that matches your profile. Moreover, the firm 2t-s is very qualified in the recruitment of personnel. Little known, he is gifted for the accompaniment and professional integration of candidates. You can take the opportunity and send your CV to The firm receives physical files at the address Sacré Coeur 3 Pyrotechnie, USAID building next to the Mame Oumy Gueye pharmacy. For all information, call +221 33 824 91 31.

Here are some sites that Senegal Ndiaye offers you and which will suit you perfectly for your job searches. Now, it's your turn to play ; and don't forget to activate notifications and check your emails regularly. Do not thank us, however we are waiting for an invitation for an after-Works.