Cybersecurity training in Senegal

Measures to combat cyberattacks are constantly evolving. Indeed, for the protection of information and the durability of computer systems, organizations are looking for more and more experts. From now on, being trained in computer security gives the opportunity to have a stable and well-paid job. Discover in this article all the necessary information on cybersecurity training in Senegal.      

List of cybersecurity training courses in Senegal

There are different types of cybersecurity courses. The cycle can be done according to your wishes. Indeed, you can do short-term or long-term training.

Bachelor in Cybersecurity 

You can register for a degree in computer security. However, there are different branches in the field.

  • Indeed, you can get used to a professional license which is focused on network management and application security.
  • Or a license mainly oriented towards the IT professions, network administration or intrusion defense.

To do the degree in computer security, you can register at IPROSI one of the best in the country.


The Master in Cybersecurity   

After the bac+3 in computer science, you can register for a master's degree in cybersecurity in Senegal. The course will lead you to an executive or manager profile. The masters in this field are mainly focused on the cybersecurity on thenetwork engineering and the communications systems.

MBA courses in cybersecurity in Senegal      

It is also possible to do a management in cybersecurity and governance of information systems in Senegal. In addition, this training will allow you to have skills in information systems engineering. Indeed, at the end you will be able to design and manage IT security projects and tools. To do this training, you can enroll in training schools like ISM.

Cybersecurity training schools in Senegal

The country of Teranga has several cybersecurity training schools. Indeed, the latter offer practical courses and internships after training. Let's find out a few.

The National School in Cybersecurity with Regional Vocation (ENVR) 

Created in 2018, it is one of the few training schools dedicated to cybersecurity in Senegal. It is a government initiative, accessible to Senegalese, but also to students from the sub-region. The school offers courses based on the fight against cyberattacks, cybercrime and especially the fight against terrorism. It is located at Boulevard Dial Diop in Dakar.

Professional Institute for Computer Security (IPROSI)

It is a private school, it has been created since 2015. It often offers training seminars in cybersecurity. In addition, these trainings revolve around digital libraries and the protection of information systems. It is also a school that participates in the professional integration of students with internships at the end of their training. You can also do certifications there. CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and MCSA Windows Server. The school is located at SIPRES on the road to the airport.

The EPITA Dakar training school             

It is one of the largest schools in computer engineering. It offers various computer training courses. Indeed, in terms of cybersecurity, the school gives modules on the development of software and information systems. It is located in downtown Dakar.

The ISI group

ISI trains students on system security against cyberattacks. After training at ISI in cybersecurity, you will have solid cyber defense skills. Indeed, the training will prepare you to know how to identify flaws in an information system and in the switching media. But also to be able to design adequate security policies.

Higher Polytechnic School of Dakar (ESP)

ESP has set up since 2018 a master 2 in computer security. Indeed, the program essentially runs on two programs, the MSSI (Management of Information Systems Security) and the TSSI (Information Systems Security Technique). This training is for professionals and students who want to learn cybersecurity. On the other hand, to access the training, you must have a master's degree in computer science.

How much does cybersecurity training cost in Senegal?  

Cybersecurity training in Senegal is a bit expensive. However, the annual cost depends on the level of study.

License cost

The annual cost of the professional license in cybersecurity at ISI is 785,000 CFA francs. Indeed, to join the program you must pay 155,000 CFA francs. This sum relates in part to the registration fees which amount to 70,000 FCFA, the monthly payment for the last month which is increased to 70,000 FCFA and various costs 15,000 FCFA. To complete the payment, each month you will pay 70,000 CFA francs for schooling.

Master's cost  

The cost of the master is higher than the license. Indeed, the training costs 1,085,000 CFA francs per ISI year. Registration is set at 185,000 CFA francs and the monthly payment at 100,000 CFA francs.

Universities like UVS (Virtual University of Senegal) offer less expensive cybersecurity master's training, but it is done remotely. To participate in the training, you will have to pay 850,000 CFA francs. The latter is payable in installments. However, the first twenty students selected in order of merit will only pay the registration fee which amounts to 50,000 CFA francs.

How to register for cybersecurity training in Senegal?

Registration for a master's degree and a cybersecurity license is done differently. Indeed, the modalities differ more or less from one school to another.

Subscribe to IPROSI

Step 1

This step consists of submitting your application online before October of the academic year. The submission of applications is done through their official website Fill in your personal information in the form and upload the following documents:

  • An admission application document that specifies the exact course chosen
  • Baccalaureate diploma statement
  • Certified photocopies of all records relating to your training
  • And a certificate of nationality

2nd step

This step consists of going to the site after authorization of registration with the following documents:

  • A certified photocopy of the baccalaureate certificate
  • A certified photocopy of an identity document or passport
  • A birth certificate
  • An annual insurance payment document

Step 3

Once your student card is available, go to the school's studies department to finalize your registration.

Subscribe to EPITA Dakar

Registration for EPITA Dakar is done online. To submit your application, please go to the website with the following scanned documents:

  • Three ID card photos
  • A valid birth certificate
  • A legalized photocopy of the national identity card
  • A photocopy of the BTS DUT diploma for those wishing to enroll in the second preparatory year
  • Legalized photocopy of the license for registration in the first year of the engineering cycle
  • A photocopy of the master's degree for candidates in the second year of engineering

Now it's up to you, choose your cybersecurity training in Senegal and register. But before checking if the diploma will be recognized after the end of the training.

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