Toddlers in Dakar

Tatey chic boutique

Your Bambinerie offers you quality items for babies, children and mothers, we can be reached at 77 707 72 22 or 78 583 35 35. Find the best baby items in Dakar with us!


You are a new mother and you are looking for accessories for you and your baby, Maternity is here for you. Trust one of the best Bambinerie in Dakar which offers a wide range of maternity products. Located at Almadies opposite Ali Baba and at Liberté 5 opposite the bus entrance, the shop accompanies beautiful future mothers and their babies for as long as possible. Very supplied with pre and post-natal materials, Maternita has a whole variety of childcare products: equipped umbrella beds, small bassinets, foldable and easy-to-store changing mats. It also has maternity and children's clothes, baby layettes, shoes, accessories and toys (bedroom, toilets, meals, awakenings, games, outings and security) for its customers. On site, you will be welcomed and guided with open arms by friendly staff who are always at your disposal. More than a shop, Maternita creates forums for future mothers to discuss the best baby care. On the site, a gynecologist will listen to you throughout your pregnancy and answer all your questions. Do not hesitate call (+221) 77 281 10 10 / (+221) 70 632 22 22 and have it delivered anywhere in Senegal.


At the house of Andy&Helen, find a brand of the Italian Venturi group specializing in the manufacture of clothing and high-end items for babies and children from 0 to 16 years old. Quality products with refined styles and noble materials. Products for any occasion (at home, or in the car). Deckchairs for babies from 0kg to 18kg, game tablets, and everything related to childcare. Find the shop at 2569 Boulevard du President Habib Bourguiba, Dakar, Senegal or on the Airport Road, oasis pharmacy building N°1430 Almadies. The service can be reached at (+221) 33 824 96 90 / (+221) 77 321 53 83. For a short online race visit the site or go to Facebook at

Keur Yaye Fatou

The Bambinerie staff Keur Yaye Fatou is also very welcoming and available for young mothers wishing to do some shopping for babies online and on site. Specializing in the sale of various products for babies from 0 to 12 months (baby clothes, body care, nappies, bath and linen accessories, bedroom accessories, etc.), the house is very well equipped and spacious. For your purchases, the Bambinerie is located at the Maristes next to the Touba pharmacy. The other Keur Yaye Fatou shops are located at Zone 15, N°27, opposite TFM Almadies or opposite Rond-point, Sacré Coeur II. To find your location, call (+2221) 77 228 09 26/ (+221) 33 820 67 17. If you are on Facebook or Instagram, visit their pages,

American Baby Shop

We finish with the shop American Baby Shop. A Bambinerie nestled in Sicap liberté 6 villa 6265, which offers many articles dedicated to future and young mothers. Birth gifts, a maternity suitcase or baby clothes, you will always find what you need here. The house provides you with everything baby will need at home and everywhere else. Whether it's clothes or accessories, on site you will have the choice. The Baby shop is exclusively made up of maternity suitcases, diaper bags, headbands, cradles towers, activity mats, blankets, toiletry ranges, cradles, bassinets, foldable or simple bathtubs, deckchairs, chamber pots, as well as baby or children's toys etc. To visit the store, call (+221) 77 269 09 28 and have someone guide you.