Student job in Dakar in 2021

In the middle of the school year, some students find it difficult to pay for everything, even with a scholarship. Indeed, in addition to the study costs, there are many expenses such as accommodation, food, transport, clothing and internet packages. To meet these expenses and be financially independent, the solution is to find a student job. Discover in this article some tricks and information to find a student job in Dakar in 2021.

How to find a student job in Dakar in 2021?

find a student job in Dakar in 2021 is not difficult, you just have to be clever. Today, information circulates and the majority of calls for tenders are published either by poster or on the Internet.


Where to start to find a student job  

To start, you can do research on ad sites, social networks, but also on official company sites.

ad sites  

Check the classifieds sites regularly. Indeed, the latter publish various student jobs that can be combined with studies. To find these sites, simply do research on Google by typing for example: keywords such as Student job in Dakar.

businesses and social networks 

Target a company you want to work for. Then go to their official website. There you will find an application form, fill it in and send your request.

Visit social networks. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter play a very important role in posting job vacancies. Indeed, you can find various publications on student jobs there. On Facebook you will find pages and groups dedicated to this type of job. Indeed, to see them, just do a little research on these different platforms.

Part-time student jobs

Student jobs in Dakar in 2021 are diverse and numerous. Indeed, you can work on several sectors that will not impact your studies. Here is a list of part-time jobs to do in Dakar.

Work as a salesperson   

The recruitment of salespeople is generally done by the large local companies. Indeed, the latter during a launch of a new product recruit sales representatives. This job is a good way to earn money and gain experience in sales. It can be done according to your schedule plus it has benefits such as bonuses.

work as a nanny 

It is a very interesting job for female students. In addition, this work is not difficult and can be done with flexible hours. Often, it consists of watching children or just picking them up from school.

Give private lessons

You have knowledge in mathematics, physics and chemistry or life and earth science or even in literary subjects. Indeed, you can do this job. In addition, you can follow your courses and at the same time give lessons. Being in your element is a great way to make money.

Student job on the internet

Student jobs in Dakar in 2021 to be done on the internet save more time. Indeed, the latter are mainly done by teleworking. In addition, to work on the Internet, all you need is a good connection speed and a computer. Here is a list of jobs to do on the internet in Dakar.

Community Manager                                                                                                      

You are curious and social networks have no secrets for you. In fact, this job is for you. Most companies do what is called digital communication to increase their visibility, that's when you come in as a community leader to boost their e-reputation. Your main mission will be to manage their publication on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Start a blog 

For those who wish to have a passive income, creating a blog is a great way. Indeed, if you are able to offer Internet users a unique and interesting blog, with attractive articles, it is sure that you will make money.

The webdesigner 

It is a booming activity and in great demand in Dakar. The web designer is in charge of everything that is visual on a website. It's a job that requires different talents and above all creativity. To be a web designer, you must master new techniques for creating websites and master Frontend programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).


You are able to find mistakes easily when you read. You have a mastery of grammar rules, but also of spelling, this job is for you. Indeed, most websites need proofreaders for their articles to ensure their quality. It is an excellent source of income for students.

search engine evaluator

This job is to help Google clean up errors. A very simple job considered as the best student job in the world. Your role will be to assess the relevance of the advertisements and the results in the search engines. You will work freely according to your schedule.

The jobs mentioned in this article will allow you to have pocket money and this prepares you to take charge of yourself. Now you have a list of student jobs in Dakar in 2021. It is up to you to choose the suitable one.