Restaurant l'Orientale Dakar – The flavors of the Orient invite themselves to Dakar


60 Rue Amadou Assane Ndoye, Dakar, Senegal
+221 33 842 21 72

Framework :

Surely you know the restaurant Lebanese L'ORIENTAL Dakar not far from the DUCHESS, well they saw very big and opened a new restaurant very close to the French Cultural Center (CCF) and not far from the MOKAÏ restaurant.

This new restaurant is divided into 3 parts:

  • The fast food ;
  • Restaurant closed (non-smoking area);
  • Restaurant on the terrace (smoking area).

The building exudes a very contemporary design, a metal structure, bay window and wood. The dominant colors of the restaurant are black, gray and white. The quasi-cozy style is there. A hookah-shaped sign overlooks the building, which is very original. The lights are not lacking in the structures. That said, it is very well lit with spotlights on the floor, on the ceiling and we will note the presence of chandeliers. Design level, everything is nickel.

On the terrace where we spent more time, we can see the logo of the restaurant which is the Hand of Fatima, also called Hand of Fatima, or "Khomsa". The quality of the furniture is top-notch: Chesterfield-style sofa, well-made wooden table, woven armchair, etc. and everything is in harmony with the painting. For sports and tech enthusiasts, WIFI is available as well as a big screen TV.

There is a warm, a little noisy at times, relaxed with a little music in the background. For family or group outings, this is the ideal place.


As soon as you enter, a waiter will be happy to wish you hello / good evening, will install you, then bring you the menu and drink menu. And finally, he will take your order, nothing more classic.

The wait isn't long, however pickled olives or peanuts to kill time would have been nice lol. You will always have servers on the lookout to take a new order, a good point.

They are neatly dressed (grey shirt with the logo of the restaurant embroidered on the waist pocket and black pants) to serve you.

Food :

The menus offered by the restaurant are mainly eastern. Some dishes will have an authentic name such as hummus, kebbeh, kafta etc… but because of globalization, other dishes are on the menu: crispy chicken, Italian pizza, paninni… in short, there is a varied menu consisting of salad starter, chicken and meat main course and desserts.

For my part, I first tested the Florida Chicken (I'm a fan of RICK ROSS lol): chicken breast sautéed with spices, accompanied by onions and mixed with fresh cream. Slices of cheddar which I find a bit industrial will be added to the chicken. All served with a portion of lettuce, tomato, coleslaw and corn, a cocktail sauce as well as frozen fries and bread. Nothing fancy just good, no more. Price: 6,500 FCFA

Then head to Italy for a Pizza Queen in the oven, for lovers of Emmental pass your way, the mozzarella is present on all the pizza which gives it a more luxurious aspect but I think that we are far from the good mozzarella of the bufala or the burrata. The pizza dough was thin, I think that's the customer's only option for choice of dough type. The tomato sauce was too much with a slightly acidic note. Price: 5,000 FCFA

the Crispy Chicken, breaded chicken cutlet with coleslaw, a portion of salad and tomatoes, pickles, fries, cocktail sauce, bread. On the visual we could see that it was crispy but the taste of the chicken was bland (little marinated or not) and the breadcrumbs lacked spices. So I didn't get too attached to the dish. Price: 6,500 FCFA

Finally I was able to taste the cocktails and desserts.

The cocktail that bears the name of the brand, Oriental Dakar. Nice to see, it is a mixture of three layers of fruit resuming in some ways the colors of our dear and beautiful country, congratulations for the wink. Apple-kiwi, pineapple-banana, and finally red fruits with a dominant of strawberries, whipped cream topping, crushed pistachios and a few slices of apple served in a BIG MUG. As you will have understood, an explosion of flavors awaits you. Price: 4,000 CFA francs


The good weather and the heat never leave us on this I took a Virgin Mojito, an original and very refreshing cocktail with fresh mint, cane sugar, sparkling water and alcohol-free lemon. you can drink it at any time of the day and without moderation. Price: CFAF 3,500

the Knefe (semolina cake with melting cheese and hot sugar syrup) an extraordinary discovery, it's a pure delight, I loved it. For non-athletes there, avoid taking it at night it's very sweet. Price: .3500 fcfa

 Other pictures:


For the moment we are just on one good restaurant with good value for money.

I will return to try the rest of the menu. My opinion will surely be more precise with time to award them the famous patch LGC tested & approved.

Rant:  After placing a sandwich order: the butcher whose basic component was Lebanese bread, the waiter brought us buns (Hamburger bread) instead to tell us that there was no more Lebanese bread.WHY? The customer could have declined the order, from my point of view, there was a major lack of professionalism, something to avoid. Always explain ingredient changes to customers before preparing the ordered dish.


Attention, these tests only represent my own opinion, you may not agree with me but know that I may also not agree with you.?😉