Arrival guide for foreign students in Senegal

Are you a foreign student and want to continue your higher education in Senegal? But you don't know where to start, what are the steps to take to be able to register. Follow us, we will give you all the information you need.

Senegalese higher education offers a greater variety of training compared to other African countries. It is divided into two categories, one managed by the Ministry of Higher Education, offers training ranging from level bac+3 to bac+8 in accordance with the LMD system. The other is managed by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training which offers training aimed at creating specialized technicians after two (02) years. These trainings are provided by:

  • Public and private universities
  • Large National Schools (non-university)
  • Private schools and institutes
  • Schools and technological institutes

Thanks to the recent reform of the LMD system, studies are organized as follows: License 3 years, Master 5 years, Doctorate 8 years. An academic year comprises two (02) semesters. It should be noted that training in public establishments is free.

      There are five (05) Public Universities which are :

-Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar

-Gaston Berger University (Saint-Louis)

-Assane Seck University (Ziguinchor)

-Iba Der Thiam University (Thies)

-Alioune Diop University (Bambey)


Parmi ces écoles privées nous pouvons citer quelques-unes, la liste est loin d’être exhaustive :

Dakar Institute of Technology (DIT)


The Dakar Institute of Technology (DIT) is the first computer science school specializing in artificial intelligence in West Africa. In the heart of Dakar, the DIT trains the new generation of programmers and professionals in new technologies in West Africa.
We offer training in IT with Big Data, in Artificial Intelligence with specialization in Data Science, Data Analyst & Data Engineer.
We also have recognized certifications in Data Science, Python Basics, Full Stack Web and Data Manager. Most of our courses are available face-to-face or online.


Trainings :
Computer license “Big Data”: this License allows you to become experienced developers in programming languages related to the processing of large volumes of data (Python, R, Scala). You also learn the collection and analysis of data, as well as the use of statistical tools. After the “Big Data” Computer License, you will be able to practice as:

- Web developer
– Application Developer
– Business Analyst
– Data Quality Manager
– Statistician
– Dataminer
– Database Administrator

More info and registration:

Master in Artificial Intelligence : this master will allow you to become autonomous on the whole spectrum of AI and Data Science as well as to master the conceptual, semantic and algorithmic problems raised by AI and Data Science.

It will also allow you to develop a general and in-depth understanding of the different aspects of AI and to acquire solid theoretical knowledge as well as good practical experience (languages, frameworks) in the field of AI. In the second year you choose a specialization between Data Scientist, Data Analyst or Data Engineer.
More info and registration:
You can contact us at:
Such. : +221 33 822 47 33
Mobile/WhatsApp: +221 77 308 92 92

E-mail :

Adresse : Immeuble 46, Cité Keur Gorgui, Dakar

ENTSS – (National School of Specialized Social Workers) – Dakar

ENEA – Statistics/Planning/Urban management – Dakar

EBAD (UCAD) Library/Archives/Documentation – Dakar

ESTM – Higher School of Technology and Management – Dakar

CESTI (UCAD) Journalism/Communication – Dakar

ILEA (UCAD) – Foreign Languages Applied to Tourism and Business – Dakar

ESG Dakar – School of Management – Dakar – Commerce and Management

IST (UCAD) – Training of geological engineers – Dakar

ISE (UCAD) – Environment – Dakar

These schools offer varied training in the following areas:

  • graphic arts
  • Computer science
  • food industry
  • preparatory classes
  • business and management
  • communication and languages
  • decoration
  • design
  • law
  • finance
  • electronic
  • Industrial Engineering
  • IT, networks and telecommunications
  • logistics
  • marketing
  • advertising
  • health
  • tourism

As for public higher education, the fields of study are mainly:

  • law and economics
  • letters
  • science
  • science and technology
  • medicine and pharmacy
  • dental Medicine
  • engineering Sciences
  • business and management
  • technology
  • Educational Sciences
  • translation


Admission is open to all without distinction of race, color, religion or other, according to the procedures specific to each establishment. Registration is mandatory and face-to-face, without any possibility of delegating to a third party. The start date is October 1, the registration registers are open on October 1er August. The student has the possibility of requesting an exceptional authorization called extra-tempora issued by the Rector after registration has closed.

Foreign students wishing to enroll at the University must compile a complete academic file including:

-For all establishments other than the Faculty of Medicine

  • a handwritten request addressed to the Rector specifying the chosen option
  • a certified photocopy of the transcripts of the marks of the classes of Second, First, Terminale and those of the baccalaureate;
  • a certified photocopy of the baccalaureate certificate;
  • an original birth certificate dated less than three (3) months;
  • a certificate of nationality. ;
  • a cover letter from the Embassy or Consulate.

The file thus compiled must reach the Education department of the Rectorate of the university before September 30 of the year, the strict deadline

-For pre-selection to the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Odonto-Stomatology, the candidate must meet the following conditions:

  • be 18 years of age, at most, for Medicine;
  • be 22 years of age, at most, for Pharmacy or Dental Surgery;
  • have the average in the three (3) scientific subjects which are:
  • Mathematics;
  • Natural Sciences (SVT);
  • Physical science.

To be admitted to this faculty, you must be one of the best students ranked after selection according to the reception capacity. The registration fees are:

From the 1time at the 3th year 25.000fcfa

From the 4th at the 5th year 50.000fcfa

From the 6th year to 7th year of exercise thesis 50.000fcfa

Single thesis 75.000fcfa

300,000 CFA francs for National Higher Schools and University Institutes.

For polytechnic college, students can send their files directly to the education department of this establishment.

Admissible foreign applications are examined within the limits of available places.

The student must pay the registration fees to the Accounting Agency or the banks affiliated with this service in collaboration with the University against the delivery of a registration form.

Do you need a Visa to study in Senegal?

It is compulsory for the foreign student to provide himself with a medical file stipulating the taking of vaccine against yellow fever. The vaccine against hepatitis A and B is strongly recommended as well as taking antimalarial.

Regarding entry into Senegalese territory, obtaining a visa is mandatory if your country of origin is not part of ECOWAS, with a valid passport. You do not need a visa if you do less than three (03) on the land, and you come from Morocco, the European Union and neighboring countries of Senegal. If you are in the ECOWAS zone, bring your identity card or your passport.

For nationals of other countries, the visa is issued by Senegalese embassies and consulates in various countries around the world.

Go to the nearest representation of Senegal, with a valid passport and a photo ID.


If you do not have a relative or an acquaintance in Senegal to host you during your studies. You can always contact to manage your accommodation, by completing the accommodation request form.

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