Flavors of Asia a classic in Dakar

Hello foodies! Back for another review!
It's no secret, the asian cuisine is one of the best on earth. Having
myself of Asian roots I always make it a point of honor to find the best
restaurants who offer delicious menus.
Today I want to introduce you to the ''my sao'' of Saveurs d'Asie. Being taken from a big
hungry, I didn't know what to eat. I went to the restaurant's website and by scrollingFlavors of Asia
I came across this dish by chance. I must say that these are the components that attracted my
note: noodles, sautéed vegetables, shrimp, chicken. The price seemed expensive
(4500 frs) but I really got my money's worth whether in terms of quantity but also
of taste, which I think are important things to consider.
From the first bite, I felt an explosion of flavors. The dish is delicious and the
ingredients are cooked and mixed just right especially after adding the legendary
''Nieuk Mam''. The chicken is cut into strips and the prawns are very fresh (nothing to do with
the little ones that we desperately seek on our plate lol).
I am usually quite skeptical of Asian dishes offered in restaurants because very few
really know how to cook them but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I
Highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed. Flavors of Asia I validate!
Food, my happiness!

And you, what do you think of the Saveurs d'Asie menu? Tell us in the comments !