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Let's face it, chicken is good in Connecticut but better in the land of Djolof. Ah yes you guessed it, this weekend we're going to EDK. Don't worry it's not for the essence but something else new: chicken, a Senegalese Wing version well seasoned for the pleasure of your taste buds. At Djolof Chicken, the culinary know-how of the Senegalese is once again highlighted.

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Now in EDK stations, you can fill up on gas and flavors with an enticing menu, tasted in a quiet, well-appointed and out of sight place. A purely local chicken, prepared with quite special spices to take you on a journey into the world of Djolof. The house offers you a classic or spicy menu consisting of 2 pieces of chicken with fries and cans at 2500 fcfa, a family menu at 9500 fcfa for 8 pieces of chicken, fries and GM drinks. And for 1800 fcfa you are entitled to 4 GM chicken nuggets. Still on the menu, you have the Djolof family 2 menu at 16,500 fcfa with 15 pieces of chicken, fries and GM drink, the Djolof Family 3 is composed of 22 pieces of chicken fries and magnum drink for only 21,500 fcfa. For Wings lovers, the Djolof AP 1 or 2 is for you. And to crown this pure delight, the house offers you large model chicken pop horns at 2500 fcfa easy to take with you. The fried side dishes are at 1000 f the GM, and 500 fcfa the PM as well as the drinks.

Djolof Chicken is available at EDK Sicap Mbao, EDK Pikine Technopole and EDK Massalikoul Djinane. For more info on the menu, call +221 33 899 86 57 or visit their Facebook page at If you are on Instagram or twitter, use the hashtag @edkoilsa to find the station closest to you. It's the weekend, the nuggets are waiting for you.

Djolof chicken address and contact

djolof chicken Point E 33 825 56 77
djolof chicken MASSALIKOUL DJINANE 33 899 86 57
djolof chicken PIKINE 33 834 28 39
djolof chicken Almadies 33 868 07 74
djolof chicken Thiès 33 951 14 34
djolof chicken SICAP MBAO 33 834 76 94

Djolof chicken menu

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