Computer training without the baccalaureate and free in Dakar

Ecole 42, Simplon or WebForce3 doesn't mean anything to you? No ?

Yet these 3 names have more in common than their names suggest.

The 3 are training schools, they train in computer science, the beneficiaries come out with adequate skills for the labor market, a recognized state diploma and the icing on the cake: the training is free and without diploma requirements that is to say that there is no need to have the baccalaureate or a license to integrate these schools. However there is a shadow on the board, these schools are in France.

So you will ask me why I put as the title of my article “Free computer training without the baccalaureate in Dakar” if I am talking to you about France in the end?

Don't panic, I'm getting there.

Indeed, for almost 4 years, institutions and people in Senegal have understood the importance of these schools and the role they could play in reducing unemployment, youth employment and especially the digital inclusion of Africa. in general, Senegal in particular, it is Sonatel, Simplon Senegal and ESTEL (Higher School of Tourism and Language).

Sonatel Academy 

Sonatel, in partnership with Simplon launched on Nov. 22, 2017, the very first coding school free in Senegal, the Sonatel Academy.

The goal of this school to quote the words of its director is to "contribute to the improvement of the digital training offer in Senegal", therefore the primary goal of the Sonatel Academy is to train in 9 months (7 months of training + 2 months of Internship) of young people who will be operational and ready for the job market as soon as they leave.

  • How do you join the Sonatel Academy?

Integration is done by cohort (group of learners).

You must declare your interest by applying on their website:

Take either psychotechnical or logical tests once this is done you will be called to a selection interview and depending on your type of profile you will be redirected to a training course.

  • Web/Mobile Developer,
  • Data Craftsman
  • Digital referent

Simplon Senegal

“Simplon Senegal is a social and solidarity organization that trains job seekers, women, young people, children and vulnerable people in digital professions and supports them in employment. In addition, Simplon is involved in projects with a strong social impact”. Like the Sonatel Academy, Simplon. Senegal is also involved in the diversification of the range of training offered in Senegal, linking partnerships with national organizations such as ONFP (National Office for Vocational Training) or ANPEJ (National Agency for the Promotion of Youth Employment) to offer you training in Web/Mobile developer and Digital Referent too and all for free.

  • How to integrate a Simplon promo?

To be informed of a new recruitment campaign for a new promotion, you just need to be a subscriber or follow the page

ESTEL (Access Code School) Dakar

As mentioned above in the article, the ESTEL group is a tourism and language school, but thanks to a partnership with Access Code School, a French school that trains in the same professions as Sonatel Academy or Simplon, two classes have already come out and one third in partnership with the 3fpt is getting ready. The Access code training lasts 8 months (6 months of training and 2 months of internship). And we come out with a level 2 Web / Mobile Developer profile (i.e. the equivalent of a bac + 2)

  • How to integrate Access Code School Dakar?

Already to reassure you, as with the Sonatel Academy or Simplon there is no diploma condition on that side, it's settled. Motivation is the main thing that is required of future learners. To be informed of future promotion at ACS Dakar you can go to

In conclusion, there are only three schools that offer the same free computer training and without necessarily having a Baccalaureate diploma in order to participate in the integration of young people into the labor market. But I won't hide from you that it will be very difficult for beginners who have never used a computer in their life to find their way around at first, but as an old African proverb would say "It's by forging that 'one becomes a blacksmith', hold on, hold on and keep an open mind.

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