5 ideas for summer outings that will make you happy in Dakar

It's summer, let's get ready

Let's face it, summer is when we all regain our energy and it's the perfect time to take a vacation. If you spend it in the land of Teranga here are five ideas for outings that will make you happy in Dakar

1- The beaches

Spending relaxing moments with family or friends by the sea, pampering your senses, admiring the vast stretches of sand, the cliffs, boat trips and diving, basking in the sun, it's possible because it's possible is SUMMER. Lose yourself in endless beauty from the beach of Ouakam, a real paradise on earth with its two natural bays. Yes, this beautiful stronghold of the Lebous, clean and uncrowded, offers a magnificent view of Dakar and also of the Pacific Ocean. You can have a picnic there quietly in the company of canoes landing at sunset.

At the bend, let yourself be carried away by the sea breeze from the shore while enjoying your dish of shellfish or thiof. This beach is an easily accessible place, popular with water sports enthusiasts. It is quiet for swimming and it serves good grilled fresh fish..

Now if you prefer calm go at Almadies beach. Near Club Med in Ngor, this narrow strip of sand is very pleasant for a family outing. Adapted to children with its barrier of rocks, you will find many restaurants there. You like small boat excursions, choose the island of Gorée nice place and very popular with tourists.

2- Restaurants

Summer is also synonymous with long nights, no question of turning over in bed to wait for the early morning, rather choose a night stroll in town or along the corniche. And if you feel like wanting to eat a good dish or have a drink, you are in the realm of restaurants. Ah yes ! The ledge is crowded with good little corners. In addition to being an idyllic place, it is the nest of the best restaurants in Dakar. For your family getaways, go to the restaurant the tip of the Almadies. A nice and warm place with varied dishes and excellent sushi. And just for the paella it's worth a detour.

For a good relaxation in peace with a good brunch before facing the fury of the waves, there's no better than at Fatou's, a typical Senegalese name but a purely American style. Fatou welcomes you in a very colorful atmosphere with the best brunch. And for your paella cravings, it's at the house of Lucha, one of the best restaurants in Dakar where you are offered very good local dishes. I also recommend the Restaurant, pleasant surroundings, cuisine from around the world, you will not be disappointed. Above all, do not forget to make a jump to the fisherman's hut, or to Noflaye Beach, you will tell us about it.

3- Glaciers

For some, ice cream is the best way to quench their thirst in the heat of the summer. Delicious sorbets that delight young and old alike. Want a must for a snack or a dessert, no need to go to Italy, the Mammimia is here. It only takes a moment, even a glance, to realize that mamimia's gelato is killer.

Homemade ice cream is better but if you want other flavors, Nice Cream opens its kingdom to you for a refreshment tour with family or friends. They make great ice creams and try the two black forest and white forest flavors, a real explosion of flavors. The icing on the cake the big cone with two different flavors is at 2000 f.

If you are at the Sea Plaza, take a look at Xocco Gelato Lab very well known for its local sorbets and ice creams (màade, lemon, mango, tol and many others). And I recommend the sweet màade with a spicy touch, which makes it so charming.

There is also the Landia yogurt a favorite place where we love to dress our yogurt with toppings, fruits and coulis (kinder, Nutella, bueno etc.) If you love pistachios and tiramisus at Regis is your gelateria.

4- Cultural outings

During the summer period, you would like to rhyme relaxation and discovery, just to have fun while cultivating yourself. Nothing is nicer than small excursions and cultural outings to brighten up the days. Some places are very nice to visit and this is the case from renaissance monument. The site that offers you moments of discovery and intense leisure. Its multi-purpose rooms and its art exhibitions are of a certain originality. It has a beautiful esplanade on the sea, a beautiful green theater supposed to host shows and various major events: concerts, film screenings, gala dinners, fashion shows. Visits are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. for weekends. The rates vary from 500f to 6500f and the service can be reached at (221) 33 107 79 91. Take a look and you will love it.

The meeting of art, poetry and music takes place at a single address, the french institute from Dakar. With a rich and varied cultural offer, the institute welcomes great personalities in all artistic fields throughout the year. We offer you craft workshops (wax sculpture, weaving), enough to occupy your days. You have the restaurant to eat a good meal or have a drink. You also have the choice between the artisanal village of Soumbédioune (a real temple of art), or the island of Gorée (an attractive place for swimming and very rich in history.)

5- The sarpan island

Nestled in the heart of the Magdalen Islands, an island attracts and surprises with its bewitching and mysterious character. The island of snakes with its isolated aspect, its rough nature, is a real combination of tranquility and rebellious atmosphere. The fauna of the island is full of tropicbirds (paille-en-queue), cormorants etc. From the highest point of the island under the vigilance of the guide we can see the wreck of the Spanish ship that was stranded a few years ago. This archipelago located off Dakar is the ideal place to contemplate nature in all its splendour. Boarding is at the Madeleine National Park located on the West Corniche between the Bay of Soumbédioune and the Supreme Court from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The duration of the visit is 4 hours maximum with a crossing of 5000f/person by canoe. On the spot, you pay 1000f/person for the entrance to the park and 5000f/group for the guide. The service can be reached on 33 821 81 82.

And you, do you have any favorite places for your summer outings in Dakar? Tell us in the comments !