✅ Woyofal Counter User Guide

Today Senelec has democratized the distribution of electric current with the new Woyofal meter. The latter allows you to manage your invoices independently. Now you don't have to wait until the end of the month to pay bills. Indeed, thanks to the electronic wallet, you can easily buy Woyofal credit and recharge your meter at any time. Discover in this article the Woyofal user guide.

The Woyofal meter: the parts to be provided for private customers

In the Woyofal user guide, Senelec specifies that Senegalese residing in the WAEMU zone and non-Senegalese to benefit from the Woyofal meter must provide these documents:

  • The Senegalese: a national identity card
  • Non-Senegalese: a consular card, a passport or a national identity card from their country
  • An authenticated title of occupation, a title deed or a rental contract
  • Confirmation of the electronic devices you own

Document to be provided for companies of the GIE, SUARL, SARL, SA type     

In the Woyofal user guide, it is mentioned that if you have one of these companies to benefit from this type of meter you must provide the documents below:

  • A national identity card of a manager who resides in Senegal or in the WAEMU zone
  • If the manager is not of Senegalese nationality, he must provide a consular card or a passport
  • A certificate of authorization to practice
  • A lease, land title, certificate of occupancy or rental
  • A confirmation of the terms of the contract

Woyofal meter access fees provided in the Woyofal user guide

The charges depend on the type of meter you wish to install. Indeed, there are two types of counters:

  • The single-phase meter which costs 4689 CFA francs, including 4150 CFA francs as stamp costs and 539 CFA francs for installation costs
  • And the three-phase meter which costs 5950 F CFA, including 4150 F CFA as stamp costs and 1800 F CFA as installation costs

How to switch from the classic counter to the Woyofal counter?

Conversion is very easy. Indeed, to do so you must provide a complete file with these different documents.

Companies to benefit from a Woyofal meter must provide these documents:

  • The manager's identity card if he is a Senegalese
  • Non-Senegalese must provide a passport or consular card
  • A document that contains the subscription or invoice number
  • A document that certifies acceptance of the conditions

Switch from the classic meter to the Woyofal meter for individuals

The documents to be provided do not change. Indeed, you will provide the same documents as the companies.

Note also that the conversion is totally free.

woyofal meter recharge

When the alarm indicator shows low remaining credit (red and flashing LED)

The user goes to a point of sale to buy credit with the amount of the desired purchase (amount greater than or equal to 1000 CFA francs).

The seller will give him a 20-digit energy credit recharge code (TOKEN), for example: “6418 8786 2991 6780 9510”.

He enters this 20-digit code (TOKEN) using the keyboard

By successfully entering the code, the display will immediately show the amount of energy in KWH (energy remaining + energy purchased). An “SS” display in the upper left corner of the screen is visible to indicate successful code entry.
Reason for rejection:

How to recharge a Woyofal meter by Orange Money?

According to the Woyofal user guide you can easily top up your Woyofal meter with Orange Money. Reloading entails costs which depend on the amount purchased.

To buy Woyofal credit by Orange Money, download the Orange and me application or simply dial the USSD code #144#342#. Once validated, enter your meter number. Then, press send and a validation message will appear to confirm the meter number, press 1. Then, enter the amount you wish to buy and validate.

How to recharge your Woyofal meter by Wave?

To recharge your Woyofal counter by Wave, you must go through the application. Open the app and tap on the payment menu. Then, choose the Woyofal option and fill in your meter number and the amount then validate. Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a message with the recharge code.
Then enter the 20-digit recharge code in your box connected to a socket then validate the code.

Indicator of the level of your remaining current

woyofal meter code

By typing a 3-digit short code, the user easily accesses the predefined information in the meter. The following table offers a list of shortcodes and their descriptions.

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