Training after Bac L in Senegal

Congratulations you have had your baccalaureate in series L. Now it's time to think about your study project. Indeed, what are the possibilities available to you? Which pathways to follow? And what are the training schools approved in Senegal by the State? We take stock in this article. Discover all the necessary information on the training after bac L in Senegal.

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What courses to follow after a bac L in Senegal?

Choosing a professional course as a literary person requires knowing the training after the bac L in Senegal. Indeed, after this type of diploma, you can consider long-term or short-term studies. Indeed, you can do a BTS, a DUT or the license followed by a master.

The DUT (University Diploma of Technology)

The DUT is a short course. Indeed, it is a state diploma that allows rapid integration into the professional environment. In addition, if you opt for a DUT you can become a technician in the trade, buildings or IT sector. In addition, BTS courses are organized in four semesters. Unlike the BTS, the DUT is acquired automatically at the end of training.

The BTS (Higher Technician Certificate)    

The BTS is a short-term training course that takes place over 2 years in public or private universities. Indeed, it allows to have skills and professional qualifications in a specific trade. In addition, its objective is to promote rapid integration into the professional world. In Senegal the diploma is recognized by the state. In addition, obtaining is done through an examination organized each year. After the BTS, you can continue your studies to obtain a license.

The professional license

The professional license was born with the LMD system (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate). Indeed, it is a long-term training that is done in three years. In addition, it is considered the best way to enter the professional world. On the other hand, it does not make it possible to integrate a master's degree directly in public universities.

Training after bac L in Senegal: the courses to follow  

Training after bac L in Senegal offers a range of choices in terms of sectors. Indeed, you can choose a course adapted to your profile. Here is one of the sectors for literary people in Senegal:

  • Bachelor's degree in IT management
  • BTS or license in maintenance and network
  • System and network license
  • License or BTS in management
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Logistic transport
  • Journalism and communication
  • International trade

Training schools accredited by CAMES

Training after bac L in Senegal gives you the opportunity to join a training institute. However, it is important to distinguish between schools whose degrees are recognized nationally and internationally. Here is a non-exhaustive list of accredited training schools in Senegal:

  • ESTM (Higher School of Technology and Management)
  • DIT (Dakar Institute of Technology)
  • AFI the business university
  • CESAG (African Center for Higher Studies in Management)
  • SUP'INFO Senegal Group
  • IPG-ISTI Group (Private Institute of Management — Higher Institute of Industrial Technology)
  • ENSUP Africa
  • IAM (African Institute of Management)
  • IFAGE (Inter-African Institute for Training in Insurance and Business Management)
  • ISI (Higher Institute of Computer Science)
  • ISM Group (Higher Institute of Management)
  • ISEG (Higher Institute of Entrepreneurship and Management)
  • UCAO (Catholic University of West Africa)
  • EIA (National School of Business)

Training after bac L in Senegal allows literary people to progress in other more practical sectors. Indeed, it makes it easier for them to get a job.

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