✅ Training in Senegal BFEM level – 2021

Training in Senegal BFEM level     

Now it is possible to make a training in Senegal BFEM level. Students graduating from the secondary school leaving certificate can train in several branches. Indeed, the sectors available in health, agriculture or industry are open to them. Here is a list of feasible training with the BFEM in Senegal.

Management at CCPE

The Commercial Professional Training Center (CFPC) offers training in Senegal at the BFEM level. Indeed, the latter is mainly focused on practice. With a BFEM diploma, you can do a three-year BT in accounting at the CFPC or the BT in office automation.

Agriculture, Livestock, Water and Forests, Fisheries, Aquaculture at CNFT

It is also possible to do training in agriculture, livestock or even aquaculture in Senegal with the BFEM. Indeed, the National Technician Training Centers offer training in agriculture, livestock, water and forests. It is accessible by competition. Their sectors are distributed in the regions. Indeed, their agricultural sector is in Ziguinchor, livestock in Saint Louis, fishing and aquaculture in Dakar. The training offered by the institute generally lasts three years. The student at the end will receive a technician diploma.

Training in Senegal BFEM level: Health, Social or Hygiene at ENDSS and CRFS

The National School of Health and Social Development offers training focused on health. It is accessible by competition. In fact, ninth-grade students admitted to the entrance examination can follow the following courses:

  • Lab Tech and Dental Prosthetics
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Social help
  • Hospital maintenance

Regional Health Training Centers (CRFS)

CRFS provides training in nursing assistant level BFEM. It is also a training school accessible by competition which is organized each year. Their training center is located in the Kolda and Matam region. The training lasts 2 years accompanied by a diploma in nursing assistant.


BFEM level industry training in Senegal is offered by various institutes.

Delafosse Industrial Technical High School

With the BFEM, you can join the Delafosse Industrial Technical High School. The latter offers students various training courses in industry in Senegal. Indeed, you can do training there in piping, mechanical work, civil engineering, etc. The courses offered are practical and last 2 to 3 years. In addition, to access it you will have to go through a competition organized each year.

Limamoulaye Technical High School 

The Limamoulaye Technical High School also offers training in Industry. This training lasts three years with a professional diploma in the chosen sector. In addition, you can do training in:

  • electrical engineering
  • Electromechanical
  • Electricity building
  • Industrial maintenance
  • motor vehicle
  • Civil engineering, cold air conditioning
  • Metallic structure

Training in Senegal BFEM level: Civil Engineering

You can also do a BFEM level civil engineering training in Senegal. In effect, CFBTP and CFPJ/YMCA gives you the opportunity.

Building and Public Works Training Center (CFBTP)

This training center aims to train young people on the needs of the construction sector in Senegal through initial and continuous training. CFBTP offers training on buildings, more specifically large structures, building electricity and drawings. It is located in Diamniadio.

Youth Training and Promotion Center (CFPJ/YMCA)

CFPJ/YMCA was created in 1975. It was set up to enable young people to progress in the construction sector. It offers various training courses, including building electricity, motor mechanics.

Transport logistics: (CFMPL)

The Training Center for Port and Logistics Professions provides training in transport logistics at the BFEM level. The training is focused on learning to drive machinery and vehicles, handling technician, transport operation.

Training in Senegal BFEM level: teaching (CNEPS)

The National Center for Popular and Sports Education (CNEPS) offers training in physical education and sport. At the end of the training, the candidate will have the status of master of popular and sports education. The training lasts three years.

Arts (ENA)

If you have the BFEM, you can join the National School of Arts. The latter offers students a four-year training in Art. At the end of the training, the student can claim a national diploma in fine arts, clothing or ceramic pottery.

Doing training in Senegal at the BFEM level is indeed possible. And most of it is accessible by competition.

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