✅ English training in Dakar

Nowadays, mastering English is essential, whatever your sector of activity. Indeed, if you aspire to be a computer scientist or even a sales manager, you must have English skills. In addition, it is a language spoken in more than 80 countries. Discover in this article the English training in Dakar.

What is an English course in Dakar?

English courses in Senegal are intended for people who wish to develop their professional level. Indeed, it helps with oral and written comprehension of English.

Some training schools offer reinforcement courses through workshops and seminars. The goal is to help students prepare for certifications. Others offer courses with a diploma at the end.

What are the different English courses found in Dakar?

There are two types of English training in Senegal. Indeed, diploma courses and qualifying courses.

Training with a diploma      

Diploma courses are organized by training schools and universities. Indeed, at the end of the course, they deliver diplomas often recognized by the state. They exist in Bac +2 to Bac +6. In Senegal, this type of training is found in public universities. These can sometimes allow the student to do a master's degree after the license.

Qualifying training

These courses do not issue a diploma and are less recognised. Their aim is to allow learners to develop their level of English. They are most often done in the short term with a maximum of 3 months. At the end the participant receives a certificate of achievement.

English training schools

English training schools in Senegal are divided into both private and public universities. Indeed, you can take English at university or simply do a short course.

UGB (Gaston Berger University of Saint)

You can do the LÉA (Applied Foreign Language) there. The latter will allow you to train in English. Indeed, you can do the license within 3 years or the master within 5 years or the doctorate. To do the training, you must be Senegalese or be part of one of the countries of the sub-region in collaboration with the university. After obtaining the baccalaureate, you can apply by creating a file on CAMPUSEN.

British Council 

It offers courses for adults, children and companies. If you are weak in English or want to deepen your knowledge of English, British will help you achieve your goals.

The school prepares you for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). It will put at your disposal all the means to succeed in the competition with world experts to accompany you. The pre-certification takes place under 20 hours of lessons and will cost you 75,000 FCFA. People aged 8-17 and 18+ can register for their course through their official website.

ELI (English Language Institute)

ELI offers day and evening classes. Indeed, their training is intended for professionals who wish to develop their skills in writing or speaking. It also offers during the day a program based on the study of English (UK). The program focuses on language and academic skills.

Supdeco language institute  

Supdeco offers a program based on General and Business. In addition, it is one of the few training centers authorized to organize TOEFL IBT in Senegal. It accompanies students, professionals, and individuals who wish to develop their level of English. For more information, visit their training center at Avenue Hassan II in Dakar.

What are the opportunities for English courses? 

The professions accessible after an English training are innumerable. Moreover, it revolves at the heart of teaching. At the end of the training, the student can aspire to be:

  • Teacher in high schools or colleges
  • Interpreter
  • Terminologist
  • Written or oral translator
  • Linguist

English courses in Senegal offer many opportunities. Indeed, apart from skills, you can aspire to many professions.

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