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The Virtual University of Senegal (UVS) was created in 2013. It aims to improve higher education in Senegal through New Information and Communication Technologies (NTIC). Indeed, its system is based on distance education through online courses and Open Digital Spaces (ENO) established in all regions. Besides, UVS courses are divided into three poles: LSHE, SEJA, SNT. What are these sectors? We take stock in this article.

UVS courses: LSHE (Letters, Humanities and Education)

The LSHE cluster encompasses languages and humanities. Indeed, it is made up of English, the sciences of education and sociology. However, each of these courses has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree.


The license in English at the UVS  

The license is focused on letters, language and Art. In addition, the student will have to make a choice between tourism in the cultural industry and literature in the English-speaking civilization. However, only baccalaureate holders in the L series can do this training at the UVS.

Master's in English at UVS   

The master's in English at UVS is composed of Letters, Languages and Art. In addition, the program is divided into two sections literature (civilization of the English-speaking world) and linguistics. To access the Master 1 in English at the UVS, you must meet a number of conditions. Indeed, you must have a bachelor's degree in English or an equivalent degree in the field and meet the admission requirements of the university.

Bachelor's degree in Educational Science at UVS

The license focuses primarily on the science of education and training. In addition, this course is open to all baccalaureate holders of all series.

The UVS courses: the master's degree in educational science at the UVS

This master gives you the opportunity to learn the Sciences of Education and Training with a specialty in Science of Education. Indeed, the program focuses on learning and school teaching, educational technology, administration and governance of educational institutions. However, to do this training, you must have a license in the field and meet the selection conditions established by the UVS.

The bachelor's degree in sociology at the UVS

The UVS gives you the opportunity to do a degree in Human and Social Sciences. Indeed, the course is composed of three modules: society, religion and institution of socialization, sociology of professional and sporting activities, and sociology of the economy. This course is only accessible to the L-series baccalaureate.

The new LSHE masters available at UVS

  • technology and education
  • Science didactics
  • Institutional administration and governance

Master's in Sociology at UVS  

This master allows you to learn about society through religion and socialization institutions, but also sports sociology and economic sociology. In addition, to do this master's the student must validate a degree in sociology or have an equivalent diploma.

The UVS sectors: the pole EEconomic Legal and Administration SEJA

The UVS courses classified in this section revolve around Law. Indeed, it brings together economics and management, political and legal science, economic and social administration.

Bachelor's degree in political science at UVS

The training focuses on legal sciences, administration policies. Indeed, only people who have a baccalaureate series L or G can enroll in this sector.

Licenses in legal sciences at UVS  

The license allows the student to learn the basics of legal science. However, the student can make a choice between private law and public law. In addition, only series L baccalaureate holders are authorized to register.

Bachelor's degree in Economic and Social Administration

The training is based on legal science, economics and management and on political science and administration. Also, only high school graduates with an L or G series bachelor's degree can enroll.

The SEJA Masters

The masters are numerous and all are based on Law. Indeed, to access it, you need a license in the field. And fulfill the admission conditions required by UVS. Here is a list of Masters in Law at UVS:

  • Private or public law
  • Finance and accounting
  • Islamic finance
  • Audit and management control

UVS courses: Science, Technology and Digital (STN) center  

The UVS courses in this cluster revolve around digital technology. Indeed, these are sectors based essentially on computers and new technologies. Here are the different STN training courses at UVS:

Degree in Graphic and Digital Arts

The license concerns the field of science and technology, letter and art more precisely graphic and digital art. In addition, most of the training is based on audiovisual, graphic designs and animation. You can do the training with any baccalaureate in Senegal.

Digital communication

This license will allow you to learn science and digital technologies. The modules are numerous. Indeed, the program is composed of a module of digital communication, digital legislation, learning social media.

License in application development

The license revolves around the development of web, mobile, and game applications. In addition, the program is centered on the study of algorithms, programming, and graphics. However, it is open to all graduates.

Other technology licenses at UVS

  • Mathematics applied to computer science accessible only to series S
  • Multimedia, internet and communication accessible only to the G and L series
  • Modeling in mathematics
  • The robotics

Masters pole Science Technology and Digital 

To do this type of master, you must have a license in the field and meet the conditions established by the UVS. However, the masters give you the opportunity to do:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • artificial intelligence
  • software engineering
  • Modelization
  • Scientific calculation
  • Filmmaking

The UVS courses are divided into three areas: social science, law and digital technology. However, note that to join this university you can go through CAMPUSEN or do paid training there.

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