✅ Agribusiness training in Senegal

Training in agribusiness allows you to discover the trade around agriculture, which is today a booming sector. Indeed, it employs thousands of young people today. However, if trades related to agriculture interest you, you will find various training schools in Senegal. Discover in this article the necessary information on the agribusiness training in Senegal.   

The agribusiness training programs that exist in Senegal  

The main objective of agribusiness training is to make learners understand the functioning of agrifood markets and the challenges of globalization. These lessons revolve around the following themes:

  • Management and management in private or public companies Sustainable development.
  • The responsibilities of man in his environment
  • Agriculture
  • Business management
  • The agri-food sector
  • management and management
  • Digital communication

To consolidate theoretical knowledge, training schools offer concrete projects. These are accompanied by internships that allow the learner to know the agribusiness market in Senegal.

The conditions for carrying out this type of training

To carry out this type of training in Senegal, it is enough to have a baccalaureate diploma. However, it is preferable to have a serial, S, G or L2 tray.

Agribusiness training schools in Senegal

Agribusiness training schools are renowned for their excellence. However, most of it is in Dakar.

Bordeaux Management School (BEM)

BEM remains unique in Senegal. Indeed, it offers a joint degree of ISARA of Lyon, of BEM and of Alioune Diop University of Bambey.

Training Bachelor Agribusiness and Industry at BEM takes place within three years. Admission is by competitive examination accessible to bachelors of any series in the first year. Note also that the school is not free.

The first two years are done as a common core. In the third years, the student can specialize in agribusiness or agro-industry. The training is done in theoretical and practical courses. The theoretical studies take place in Dakar and the practical work at the Alioune Diop University in Bambey.

The entrance exam to BEM

It is organized every year between May and June. It is accessible to anyone with a bachelor's degree. Enrolling in the school is simple. Visit the site www.bem.sn. There you will find an application form. Select the type of training you are interested in and fill in your surname, first name and email. After validation consult your mailbox, you will see a PDF file which summarizes the steps to follow to finalize your registration.


The ISM group offers training in Bachelor of Management Option Agribusiness. Indeed, the objective of the training is to supervise young people by giving them solid knowledge in agricultural business. The teaching is based on management, marketing and finance.

Payment terms

They amount to 1,300,000 CFA francs distributed as follows:

  • 400,000 F CFA as registration fee
  • And 900,000 F CFA as tuition fees

 The application file

The application file is composed of the following documents:

  • A certified photocopy of the baccalaureate diploma
  • True photocopy of terminal transcripts
  • Certified photocopy of the national identity document
  • A certificate of visit against visit
  • A CV and 4 identity photos

School of Mining Technology and Agribusiness (EMTA)

EMPTA provides theoretical and practical pedagogical courses in agribusiness and agroeconomics. The program allows the student to alternate courses between the school and the companies. The sessions are divided into modules such as management and development agribusiness, food industry organization, management and business management.

The course of the lessons

The first two years are done as a common core. In addition, the student in third and the choice to specialize in several streams.

Admission requirements

For first admissions the candidate must have the baccalaureate and a motivation, in the second year a Bac+1 and in the third year a B+2.

The registration procedure

To be admitted to the school, the candidate must provide the following documents:  

  • A written application
  • A curriculum vitae summarizing the candidate's background
  • Legalized photocopy of the last two transcripts
  • Photocopy of diplomas obtained.

The application will be followed by a test and an interview. Also, the test will focus on the aspirant's aptitude and knowledge of English and computer skills.

Gaston Berger University (UGB)

UGB offers a bachelor's degree in agribusiness. The first two years are done as a common core. Students will have to learn the management of organizations and computerized management.

The conditions for admission to training

The bachelor's degree in agribusiness at UGB is open to serial graduates: L2, S1, S2, G with a good level of mathematics.


It is done only via the Campusen platform.

Opportunities for agribusiness training in Senegal

After training in agribusiness, the student can become

  • Senior Food Technician
  • A product marketing manager
  • Senior Technician in Agricultural Research
  • Contractor
  • Production plant manager
  • Food business managers

Agribusiness is a pillar of development policy in Senegal. Training in this field gives plenty of opportunity in terms of professional integration.

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