The best weekly markets in Dakar

Whether you are a buyer looking for opportunities or a seller who wants to sell these products quickly, the best weekly markets in Dakar give you the opportunity. Indeed, the "louma" take place in various districts of Dakar almost all week. Considered Black Friday days, they are always jam-packed. Discover in this article the weekly markets of Dakar.  

Here is a list of the best weekly markets in Dakar

From Monday to Saturday, you can do your shopping in the best weekly markets in Dakar. Indeed, there are many of them and each offers specific products.

The “louma” organized on Wednesdays and Saturdays   

Various districts of Dakar host weekly markets every Wednesday or Saturday. Here is the list of the main “loumas” organized during one of these two days in Dakar.


Best weekly markets in Dakar: weekly markets held on Wednesdays

  • Sahm market

    Sahm's weekly market is held every Wednesday. Indeed, it is one of the best “louma” in Dakar. It attracts a huge crowd, made up mainly of traders, students and buyers from all over. Also, what attracts these people is the affordable prices. Indeed, with a little money the customer can buy several products. In an atmosphere of music and hubbub, you will find good deals.

  • Keur Massar weekly market

    It is organized every Wednesday. Indeed, it is an important market in the peri-urban area. Traders come from all over Dakar to sell their products. On Wednesdays, there is a unique atmosphere, on the floor or on the small and large tables, they display their wares. However, you will find local products, cosmetics, electronics, etc.

  • Weekly market in Gueule tapée

    Between Avenue Blaise Diagne and the Grand Score stands the "louma" of Gueule Tapée, organized every Wednesday. The market attracts a huge crowd during the day. Indeed, you will find clothes, shoes, toys for children.

Best weekly markets in Dakar: weekly market held on Saturday  

Saturday market 

It is only held on Saturdays. Indeed, it is the largest weekly market in Dakar. It extends over two kilometers from the Liberté 6 roundabout to the Castor intersection. Traders mainly sell imported second-hand clothes there. The market is well organized despite its size. The sale starts in the morning before the small alleys are filled with people. It is also an opportunity to do good business. From 9 a.m., the atmosphere is indescribable. However, it is the best place to get clothes at affordable prices.

The classic markets that play the same role as the best weekly markets in Dakar: Sandaga, Marché Tilène  

Some markets are similar to the best weekly markets in Dakar. Indeed, the latter remain frequented every day by customers. Indeed, it is almost "loumas" throughout the week.

Sandaga market

Sandaga is Dakar's largest market. It is near Avenue Emile Badiane. There you will find many boutiques and shops. These are well organized. Indeed, each row of shops sells a very specific product. You will find hardware stores, cosmetics, grocery stores and many others. There are always people there, it is an ideal place to sell or buy products.

Tilene Market 

The market is located on Avenue Blaise Diagne in the Medina district. Inside the market, various products such as fruits and vegetables are sold. You will also find fabrics, kitchen utensils for sale. It is always full of people who come there to buy or sell products.

The Soumbédioune, HLM and Castors markets

These markets offer the privileges offered by the best weekly markets in Dakar.

Soumbédioune market

The Soumbédioune market is located in the city center between the Medina and the Gueule Tapée. At the end of the afternoon, the fishermen land with fish products of all kinds. Indeed, it is Dakar's main fish market. You can buy fish there such as captains, soles, red mullets.

HLM market

The market is most full filled with people. It is the main fabric market. Indeed, you can observe in the shops various fabrics.

Beaver Market 

The Castors market is the hub for the sale and purchase of vegetables in the urban area. In addition, you will find various items such as fabrics, kitchen utensils, spices. If you want to buy supplies, this is the place.

The best weekly market in Dakar plays a very important role in buying and selling in the Senegalese capital. These days of Black Friday organized everywhere in Dakar, easy interaction between customer and merchant.

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