Send money to Senegal with orange money from France

Orange money is one of the most used money transfer solutions in Senegal. If you are in France and you want to send money to Senegal to your loved ones, it is possible and very simple. Transfer fees are from 2.99 euros excluding deposit fees and excluding withdrawal fees for the beneficiary.

First of all, you need to top up your orange money account in France. To do this, 2 solutions are available to you:

Top up your account from the app

  • Download the orange money app
  • Sign up on the app
  • Register your credit card to top up your account

Top up your account from a point of sale in France

  • Go to an orange money point of sale
  • Then top up your account in cash or by credit card

To send money to Senegal

  • Select the country and phone number of the person you want to send money to
  • Enter the amount in euros you want to send
  • Check that all information is correct and confirm the transfer
  • The beneficiary will immediately receive a confirmation message

Withdraw money in Senegal after an orange money transfer from France

To withdraw money in Senegal dial #144#231# to consult your international.
You can then transfer the money from your international sub account to your local orange money account.

Or if you wish to withdraw the money free of charge: request a withdrawal from the international sub-account from the kiosk manager.

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