KFC Senegal prices

Welcome to KFC Dakar, where women are exploding the food scene with nothing but chicken. A fast food chain with the best fried chicken version TERANGA to end a day. Located in Dakar, Corniche Ouest just after the university roundabout, the KFC is open all week from 11 a.m. to midnight. The place is spacious and clean and the staff friendly. If you are a fan of chickens, the menu may not displease you. Ah yes, sweet, spicy, tender, crispy chicken, a completely hot and crispy cuisine awaits you at KFC Dakar. For the menu, you have the Streetwise 1pc original recipe + 1 standard portion of fries at 2000 fcfa and 2500 fcfa with drink, the Streetwise 2pc at the same price too. the Streetwise 3pc, original recipe + 1 portion, standard fries is at 3500 fcfa and 4000 fcfa with drink. You also have a family formula with the original Streetwise5pc recipe + 1 large portion of fries at 6000 fcfa. Also on the menu, the house offers Snacking (Popcorn, Chicken standard at 2000fcfa, and large at 3000fcfa), spicy wings (Chicken garlic 8pc at 3500 fcfa and 4pcs at 2000 fcfa), Buckets (2 large portions of fries + 1.5 liters of collar 3000 fcfa). The menu is also complete meals at 4500fcfa, a Zinger burger accompanied by fries plus drink and the burger at 3000fcfa. For the supplements, you have chicken (1p / 1500fcfa, 2p / 2200fcfa), fries from 1000fcfa, mini bread at 750fcfa and mashed potatoes plus a sauce at 1000fcfa. So a menu is never perfect without dessert and the house has thought of these marvels of sweet-tasting pastry that you won't mind. Wear your choice on the Orco krusher or the verry Berry krusher at 2000 fcfa, the chocolate sundae or the Berry sundae at 1000 fcfa and the spiral mousse at 500 fcfa. The KFC also serves drinks to end the game. For more info, call 33824 00 00 or visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KFCsenegal/. For the high attendance, the service is improving day by day especially the drive. Check it out, the chicken is worth it.

Contents PricePhoto
1 piece of chicken1500 FCFA
2 pieces of chicken2200 FCFA
1 piece of chicken + fries 2000 FCFA
1 piece of chicken + fries + 1 drink2500 FCFA
2 pieces of chicken + fries 2500 FCFA
2 pieces of chicken + fries + 1 drink 3000 FCFA
3 pieces of chicken + fries 3500 FCFA
3 pieces of chicken + fries + 1 drink4000 FCFA
Popcorn Chicken (standard size)2000 FCFA
Popcorn Chicken (large size)3000 FCFA
5 pieces of chicken + 1 large portion of fries6000 FCFA
Bucket (9 pieces of chicken)CFAF 11,000
Bucket (15 pieces of chicken)CFAF 17,000
Bucket (21 pieces of chicken)CFAF 22,000
Supplement standard size fries1000 FCFA
Extra large fries 1500 FCFA
mini bread CFAF 750
Mashed potatoes and gravy1000 FCFA
Drink 33 cl500 FCFA
Drink 50 cl1000 FCFA