How to choose your sector after the BAC in Senegal

Often, very often even after the euphoria of success, a question, certainly simple but very delicate, comes up on all the lips of new graduates: which course to choose now? In addition to this stressful question, there are also other questions such as: should we do short or long studies? At university, technical school or a specialized school?

To answer all these questions and get through this stage without a hitch, here are some key tips to better optimize your choice of sectors and determine a more serene future.

I – Ask yourself about your motivation

This step is perhaps the most difficult, especially for those who lack ideas about their future. The goal sought here is to know what profession to exercise, in what environment to evolve and what activities to undertake.

  • “Professions” aspect: it is a question of thinking about the profession dreamed of since childhood. Example: Doctor, Engineer, Pilot, Professor, Woman or Businessman, etc.
  • Aspect: “environment”: these are the environments where you want to evolve. Example: environment, space research, economy, entrepreneurship, fashion, cinema, etc.
  • “Activities” aspect: In this third category, it is about thinking about the activities that interest you.

Among these three aspects, it must be recognized that the nature of the BAC obtained is not so decisive in the choices. It is rather a question of making room for his personal motivations, his desires, his personality, etc. This step is crucial to awaken your motivation and prepare for the next step.

II- Seek advice from loved ones

After the BAC, another universe opens up to the bachelor. So to ensure a better choice of orientation, different people will be there to support him in his efforts. High school teachers are the primary referents. Followed by his parents who are often the first to worry about the future of their children. The latter have a strong argument because they have already been there. Their advice will always be welcome.

III- Expand your field of possibilities

It is strongly advised not to stop at a single specific business idea. In order to maximize your chances, it is best to list several jobs (including those dreamed of since childhood but not only) that revolve around an area in order to put the odds on your side.

The idea is to direct you as a priority towards a field which generally offers good outlets: for example, scientific and technical careers, industry, social professions. Business management professions in the broad sense (accounting, marketing, commerce, finance, etc.) also offer wide possibilities.

Architecture and town planning are also a very interesting example. Because several professions exist there such as the architect, the town planner but also the designer-designer, the surveyor-topographer, the materialist-colorist, the interior decorator and many others.

However, beware of unpromising sectors or professions that are destined to disappear for various reasons (sector in crisis, robotization of the field, etc.). They are often saturated and hardly offer any great job opportunities.

Place the emphasis instead on the so-called "niche" professions which have the advantage of offering a fairly rapid start and evolution because they belong to a booming sector: this is the example of construction, digital, IT engineers, web developers, marketing specialists, merchant marines, hotel and restaurant trades, Internet pros, logistics experts...

IV- Find the training you need

The training courses you need are those that meet your desires, your motivations (advice 1), which widen your fields of possibilities or even your outlets (advice 3) and which offer you all the assets to succeed: this is goal of advice number 4.

In this step, it will be a question of opting for the training courses that best correspond to your profile as a student or future student. It will also be necessary to answer the questions: are you “conscientious” or rather “zen”? " Autonomous " ? "Hard worker or very little worker"? “Stimulated or discouraged by the difficulty”? “Man of Challenges”….

In order to find the ideal training, it is necessary to address several points before formulating your wishes:

  • The number of years of study you wish to complete: Depending on your personal life project: when do you want to be financially independent, no longer be a student and enter working life? In 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 7 years? ;
  • Take into account the series obtained at the BAC (Series S or L or G…): not to be a prisoner of a well-defined sector, but to assess your chances of success in a style of study, for example in college or in engineering school;
  • The value of the registration fees to be paid;
  • The number of work placements possible;
  • Possible job opportunities after graduation;

Other criteria may be taken into account such as the grades obtained, the reputation of the school to be chosen or geographical mobility, namely the possibility of carrying out higher education abroad.

Regarding orientations in Senegal three (03) possibilities are available to the student:


The State of Senegal has undertaken a policy which aims to guide all graduates each year.

Registration is done on the platform in order to make a request for orientation in the five (05) universities of Senegal and the Virtual University of Senegal UVS. It should also be noted that guidance is exclusively managed by the Ministry of Higher Education. He is the only one to have this prerogative.

To apply you must

  • Fill out an application on the platform
  • Track your request
  • Wait for the publication of the list of orientations
  • Start the registration process

To this end, the new bachelor can make eighteen (18) choices in the five universities. These choices depend on the series followed in high school. They mainly concern the traditional courses offered in the faculties.

The training provided is subject to the LMD system (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate) offering the possibility to the student to continue his university education up to a doctorate.

Moreover, faced with the increase in the number of Baccalaureate holders each year, the State directs some to private training schools and institutes.


You can also enroll in a private training school. In this case, the only advice we can give you is to check whether the training school is recognized by the State and whether the training you have decided to follow is approved, and also what opportunity is open to you. her in the job market.


You can also opt for registration in one of the competitions opened by the Ministry of Vocational Training in order to obtain a certificate in a trade. You can obtain a BTS (Higher Technical Certificate) after 2 years of training. This diploma thus opens the employment environment to you. The Ministry of Vocational Training, through the Examinations and Competitions Department, offers competitions that may also be of interest to you.

You can also enroll in the major schools of engineering, administration, customs or the police, etc. through competitions open each year.

For this, make sure you have good preparation and a very good level of general culture.

Finally, we will conclude this article by telling you to be attentive to your needs, your passion and to be realistic in your projects by comparing your experience, your file and your course, without curbing your ambitions.

 Good luck !

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