?? Training in Oil and Gas jobs in Senegal

With the discovery of oil and gas in Senegal, training schools continue to multiply. Indeed, the country is preparing for the exploitation of black gold. According to one estimate, this sector will allow the creation of ten thousand jobs. In all this scuffle, you are surely asking the question of what path to follow to train in this area. Discover in this article all the necessary information on the training in the Oil and Gas professions in Senegal.

The training needed to become engineers in the Oil and Gas professions in Senegal

There are no specific training courses for the Oil and Gas professions in Senegal. However, after obtaining the baccalaureate in series S or T, the person can do any sector in the sector. In addition, people who have already studied the electrical engineering, mechanical, Electronic Engineering will be best suited for the job.


Oil and Gas training schools in Senegal

They are numerous in Senegal. In addition, they are mostly located in Dakar. These are either new institutes created to teach hydrocarbons or already existing training schools that have preferred to give courses in the field.

National Institute of Oil and Gas (INPG)

It was created in 2007 following a presidential decree. It is one of the essential schools for gas and oil training in Senegal. In addition, its objective is to implement lessons to create a local workforce to serve throughout the oil production chain.

However, the school is extremely selective. Indeed, in 2018 it welcomed only 22 students. The latter came exclusively from the Polytechnic School of Dakar, Thiès and Cheikh Anta Diop University.


At the moment the registration of the second cohort of Masters in Oil and Gas Engineering is open. However, to submit your application file, go to the address www.inpg.com. In addition, deposits are only made online. Candidates can send through a form the necessary information such as their profile, their identity, their marital status.

Only those selected after study of the file will be contacted. However, after final admission the candidate will have to pay CFAF 250,000 as a registration fee before the start of the course.

School of Advanced Polytechnic Studies of Dakar (HEPO)

It offers training in petroleum engineering. However, the main objective of the school is to train technicians in the oil and gas trades. She teaches courses in fluid mechanics, in petroleum chemistry. In addition, the school does not stop there, it also prepares these students in drilling, geophysics and drilling techniques.

The training courses offered by HEPO

The school offers training in BTS, DTS, license and master.


Registration takes place on their official website www.hepo-dakar.com. There you will find a contact form that will allow you to send your application.

Higher School of Building Electricity and Public Works (ESEBAT)  

It offers training in mine, geology and oil. The latter aims to train students in the profession through perspectives. Classes are taught by highly qualified teachers in the field through practical work. And an internship is required in the second year of training.


To register, you must come to school with the following documents:

  • Photocopy of your CNI or passport
  • 3 recent pictures
  • A registration form to be completed on site

Registration fees

The registration fees increase according to the level of studies, for example:

  • The BTS: the registration for this training amounts to 140,000 F CFA, the monthly payment to 50,000 F CFA. In total, you will pay 590,000 CFA francs per year.
  • License: you will pay 150,000 F CFA as registration fee and 70,000 F CFA per month. In total, the year will cost you 850,000 CFA francs
  • For the master's level: the registration fees are the same as the license, but the monthly payment increases by 10,000 CFA francs. In total, you will pay 950,000 CFA francs per year.


It offers a course in oil and gas management. Through the training which takes place under three years, the learner will be able to describe the conventions of the different energy resources, the geographical factors, the price of hydrocarbons. However, their training revolves around tires, the oil chain, strategic management.


Registration is done on site. For more details, go to the Land Front towards Zakat to the villa 27.

The cost of training

The training costs 810,000 CFA francs.

Opportunities for the Oil and Gas professions in Senegal

After having followed one of the training courses for the Oil and Gas professions in Senegal, the senior technician or the engineer can exercise different professions.

  • Prospecting agent who highlights the soil and the subsoil in search of energy resources
  • A geotechnical people checking a site before construction
  • Hydrology technician in charge of managing the exploitation of groundwater

The formations in oil and gas are numerous. You can make your choice quietly and prepare for a better future.

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