✅ UCG, our company of the year 2021

Created in 2011, the Solid Waste Management Coordination Union (UCG) is an effective response to insalubrity in Senegal. Its “zero waste” slogan was a success during the year 2012. From the neighborhood test program to the cleaning day, the company successfully fulfilled these missions despite the restrictions linked to the Coronavirus pandemic. Find out in this article why we chose UCG as our company of the year.

The UCG has innovated during the year 2021. It has set up various programs to facilitate waste management in Dakar and in other regions.

Standard Regrouping Points (PRN)

A total of 93 PNRs were created. Indeed, 63 are in Dakar and 30 in other regions. Their implementation makes it possible to pre-collect solid waste in the different districts. This solves the problem of garbage piling up in neighborhoods before the garbage trucks arrive.

PNRs also allow sorting and recycling. They are located in strategic places, to facilitate their use by the inhabitants.

 The allo waste program

UCG has set up this system to meet the needs of citizens. It is a complaint service made available to the population in need of raising alerts related to insalubrity.

Cities are faced with a scourge of waste: open dumps in public places, dumping of rubbish on roads and sidewalks, etc. In order to remedy this situation, UCG has decided to launch the “Allo Déchets” project. The major objective of this initiative is to eradicate any dumping of rubbish in these points.

COVID cleanliness point

With the arrival of COVID in Senegal, the UCG has put in place a set of rules to prevent the spread of the virus through waste. Indeed, the unit has set up awareness and hand disinfection teams installed on the main arteries and at the entrance to the markets. The mission of these teams is to raise people's awareness of cleanliness standards linked to the pandemic.

Cleaning Day-Besup Setal

As part of a new initiative launched by the Head of State on January 4, 2020 for a clean Senegal. The UCG has joined in the monthly clean-up days. The next edition will take place in Kaolack. During these days, the UCG deploys large resources, including 36 construction garbage trucks, 71 dumpsters, etc. This program will enable the cleaning of 72 sites.

Redevelopment of the Mbeubeuss landfill

The Mbeubeuss landfill, located in the suburbs of Dakar, is one of the main waste sites in Senegal. This uncontrolled site covered approximately 114 hectares, with a height of 15 meters for an estimated volume of 500,000 tonnes of waste. It is estimated that at least 2,000 people live there and conduct waste recovery activities.

In order to ensure the sustainable and environmentally friendly management of the site and its transition to an ecological park, the government of Senegal has launched a project to redevelop the Mbeubeuss landfill.


The Mbeubeuss Landfill Redevelopment Project has six components:

  • The establishment of two procedures for the operation of the landfill and the collection of private waste.
  • Installation of interior roads
  • Widening of the main access road
  • The creation of a police station
  • And the creation of a social center

We chose UGC as our company of the year. Even if there are still things to do, the company is looking to the future with promising projects. Among these major projects, we can cite the Promotion of Integrated Management and Solid Waste Economy in Senegal (PROMOGED).