✅ Sewing training in Dakar

You want to retrain or evolve in fashion, styling or textile designer in Senegal. It's possible. Indeed, you can train in the Senegalese capital. From sewing training in Dakar can help you realize your dream. Follow us in this article, we provide you with all the necessary information on the course to follow, the training schools and job opportunities.         

The different types of sewing training in Dakar

Sewing training schools in Dakar allow you to learn haute couture through various training courses. Indeed, each course gives you the chance to benefit from a professional career and qualifying diplomas recognized by the State.


The QCP (Professional Qualification Diploma)

The qualifying diploma is accessible to all levels of study. In addition, it is done within 2 years through practical and theoretical courses. Unlike the BTS, the QCP is obtained without an exam at the end of the training. However, it allows you to learn fashion drawing, cutting, dyeing and crafts.

The CAP (Certificate of Professional Competence)

The CAP in sewing is done in 3 years. The program revolves around styling, pattern making, dyeing and different fashion cuts. To choose this type of course, you must have at least the CFEE or the BFEM.

Private lessons in sewing  

Classes are held on weekends or during holidays. However, weekend courses often last 1-2 months and holiday courses 1 month. After the end of the training, you will receive a certificate of achievement from the training school.

Sewing training schools in Dakar

Most vocational training centers in sewing are located in Dakar. In addition, they offer complete and practical routes. Here is the list of the best sewing training schools in Dakar.

ICCM Dakar (Institute of Cutting, Couture and Fashion)

The ICCM is a public training school. It was set up to train stylists and pattern makers. It is accessible to young Senegalese and foreigners.


To register at ICCM, you must have at least the BFEM or the CAP in couture cutting or a similar diploma. On the other hand, ICCM is accessible only by competition. This is organized every year.

Sewing classes at ICCM

The study program is composed of various modules including:

  • The technical drawing
  • The cup
  • The making
  • Math, English and French
  • IT and technology

The duration of the training

The training allows the holder of BT to do a 2-year training and for the candidates holding the baccalaureate a 3-year training. In addition, it allows you to do the BTS, i.e. two years of training.

It is located in the commune of Dakar at the old road to Rufisque.


It provides vocational training in sewing. Indeed, you can do the QCP, the CAP or the BEP.

Individuals at CAIF

She organizes private lessons during weekends and holidays. The cost of the ongoing weekend training is 90,000 CFA francs including 60,000 CFA francs payable on the 1er month and 30,000 CFA francs in the last month of training. Also, vacation courses are more expensive. Indeed, they cost 100,000 CFA francs.

To register, go to Sacré-Coeur 3 villa 8613A in Dakar or Pikine Technopole.

HECC (High School of Cutting and Sewing)

It aims to train young people who will be able to fit into the professional world or create their own business. In addition, it prepares them for sewing, fashion design, beading and embroidery. Training at HECC lasts three years.

The cost of training 

The cost of general training in 1D and 2and year amounts to 256,000 CFA francs, including 31,500 CFA francs as registration. However, the rest will be paid in monthly installments of 25,000 CFA francs spread over 9 months. However, in the third year, tuition fees are 306,500 CFA francs.

The cost of evening class training is lower. Indeed, it is 187,500 CFA francs, including 30,000 CFA francs as registration fees and 17,500 CFA francs as a monthly payment.


For registration you need a valid birth certificate and 4 passport photos. Meet at www.heccpikine.com to pre-register.

Opportunities for sewing training in Senegal

Sewing training in Dakar offers many opportunities. Indeed, after your course you can work as:

  • fashion designer
  • Independent or professional designer
  • model maker
  • costumer

Sewing training in Dakar gives you the opportunity to practice as a professional. Indeed, it also makes it possible to have a stable job very quickly.

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