✅ Renewable energy training in Senegal

Renewable energies are at the heart of sustainable development. Today, the sector is booming and needs trained specialists capable of meeting challenges. Do you want to do the job? Discover in this article all the information you need to know about the renewable energy training in Dakar.

Renewable energy training in Dakar

Renewable energy training gives you a range of choices. Indeed, you can do a long-term or short-term course.


Short-term training: the BTS

The Higher Technician Certificate (BTS) gives you the chance to be operational in renewable energy after only 2 years of study. Indeed, it allows you to have technical skills in solar energy installation. However, graduation is done through an exam. The latter takes place every year in Senegal. In addition, the diploma obtained is recognized by the State.

Long-term training: the university course

Universities in Senegal offer long-term training in renewable energy. Indeed, you can do the license and the master in public or private universities in Dakar. In addition, there are no university courses dedicated solely to this field. However, you can choose a bachelor's degree and later specialize in the field in a master's degree.

Renewable energy training schools in Dakar  

Many training schools offer courses in renewable energies. These centers are either private or public institutes.

ESP (Polytechnic Higher School)

The ESP to promote renewable energies in Senegal and facilitate the integration of young people offers a license in the field. The latter will give you the necessary skills to carry out renewable energy projects and monitor their progress. In addition, it will allow you to have the necessary skills to carry out energy audits and provide solutions.

This program is intended for student communities and virtuosos in the sector who wish to develop their skills.

What are the admission requirements?

Only people holding a BTS, a DUT or a DTS in universities can enroll in the training. However, admission is done by file study which will be followed by a physical interview or by telephone.


ESTM offers a degree in electrical engineering and renewable energies. Indeed, the training gives you solid skills in renewable energy management and maintenance of electrical appliances.

Admission to training

This license is open to people holding a science baccalaureate and people holding a DTS, BTS or DUT. In addition, the selection is made by interview in 1D year and file study followed by an interview in 3and year.

Cost of training

Registration fees for the 1and and 2and year amount to 165,000 CFA francs and for the 3and year at 200,000 CFA francs. The monthly payments are at 765,000 F CFA. What makes tuition fees in 1er and 2and year are at 930,000 F CFA and on the 3rdand year at 965,000 CFA francs.

CEFER (European Center for Renewable Energy Training)  

CEFER offers training in renewable energy. Indeed, it is focused on the transformation of natural energy source capable of improving energy sources in buildings. However, the program is based on subjects in solar and wind energy. In addition, it gives you skills in installation and maintenance of electrical equipment.

The training is complete. Indeed, it is from the BT level to the master.

Admission criteria

The admission criteria are:

  • To do the BT in renewable energy you must have the BEP
  • For the BTS, you must have the baccalaureate or the BT
  • And for the license the candidate must have a bac+2 level diploma in the field or the BTS
  • To do the master, you need the license

ESEBAT (Higher School of Building Electricity)

It offers training from bachelor's to master's degree in renewable energies and energy efficiency. The latter gives you the necessary skills in electrical engineering, thermal engineering and thermodynamics. You are a student or a professional, this training is for you.

The cost of training

The registration of the license to the master amounts to 150,000 F CFA. However, license fees cost 70,000 CFA francs, 80,000 in master 1 and 85,000 in master 2.

Opportunities for renewable energy training in Dakar

Training in renewable energies opens several doors for you in the energy professions. You can be :

  • Renewable energy flow saver
  • Renewable energy project manager
  • Flow saver
  • Renewable energy study officer
  • Renewable Energy Technician

Renewable energy training in Dakar gives you the knowledge you need to practice the profession professionally.

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