✅ Training in quality hygiene, environmental safety in Senegal

You wish to study in charge, quality, hygiene, safety and environment in Senegal, it is quite possible. Indeed, you can complete your full course without leaving the country with a nationally and internationally recognized diploma. Which courses to choose? What are the best schools in QHSE training in Senegal? What are the opportunities ? We take stock in this article.

QHSE training in Senegal

The courses are available in several levels. Indeed, you can register for a BTS, a license or a Master QHSE in Senegal.

BTS QHSE in Senegal

The Higher Technician Certificate in QHSE gives you the opportunity to train in two years. Indeed, it allows you to understand the basics of the profession and to be operational quickly with a recognized diploma. You can start this type of training and complete your course later with a license.

The QHSE license in Senegal     

This course is open to people holding a baccalaureate degree regardless of the series. Indeed, with the BTS or DUT in QHSE you can do the license 3 directly. It gives you the opportunity to have a bac+3 diploma.

The QHSE Master in Senegal                

After the license, you can do a QHSE Master in two years. This grade is necessary for a career in business. However, several courses allow you to do this Master. Indeed, training in the environment or in sustainable development offers opportunities in QHSE. 

QHSE training schools in Senegal    

QHSE training schools in Senegal give you the opportunity to do a complete course in health, safety and environment quality. These are numerous and offer various programs.


ISM offers you an MBA in Management, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment which lasts two years. It allows you to have skills in engineering and management of quality systems. Once your training is complete, you will be able to set up integrated systems.

Admission requirements

To do the training, you must hold a bac+3 for admission to the first year and a bac+4 for admission to the second year. In addition, your application will be the subject of an in-depth study. Indeed, this will be done through an interview to measure your motivation.

The application file

To register for the training, you must submit the following documents:

  • A birth certificate,
  • Your resume
  • Four passport photos
  • A compliant and certified bachelor's degree
  • A photocopy of your identity document

QHSE Bachelor Supdeco Group  

It is one of the best QHSE training schools in Senegal. It offers you a bac+3 in health, safety and environment quality. The training will allow you to have the necessary skills to define and implement suitable QHSE systems. At the end of the training, you will be sanctioned with a diploma recognized by the State.

Admission to training  

To do the training in three years, you must have a baccalaureate diploma. In addition, those wishing to do license 3 must have a bac+2.

The application file     

The application file is composed of:

  • A registration form to be collected on site
  • Two passport photos
  • A work certificate if you are a professional
  • A photocopy of your baccalaureate diploma
  • 2 stamped envelopes with your address

Higher Polytechnic School of Dakar (ESP)

You have a BTS, a or a DUT, ESP offers you a professional license in QHSE with one year of training. It is open to students and professionals. After graduation, you can do a Master in HSE.

Admission requirements    

The selection is made by file study. Indeed, each candidate will do an interview with a jury who will assess whether or not you can register for the license. Those who have a BTS, a DUT or an equivalent diploma recognized by the State have a better chance of being selected.

The parts to be provided

The application file will consist of the following documents:

  • A birth certificate dating back at least 3 months
  • A certified photocopy of your baccalaureate diploma
  • All of your bac+2 transcripts
  • Two passport photos
  • A stamped envelope with your name

What are the opportunities for QHSE training in Senegal?

QHSE training in Senegal opens several doors for you. Once your course is finished, you can work in several sectors including:

  • Industries such as metallurgy, IT, construction
  • You can work in town halls, local authorities, hospitals
  • You can also hold positions of environmental manager in companies, hygiene service manager, QHSE manager in industry

QHSE training in Senegal allows you to evolve in a booming sector. They are accessible to anyone with the bac no matter the series.

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