✅ Hospitality and catering training in Senegal


You want to work in the hospitality industry. Good news ! There are different hotel and catering training in Senegal. You can do your apprenticeship in the country with recognized diplomas.

You will find in this article the different courses in the hotel and catering industry, the price of lessons, training schools and opportunities.

What are the training courses in hospitality and catering in Senegal?

Training in hospitality and catering in Senegal are numerous. Indeed, each level trains you in a very specific area and allows you to integrate working life.

The BTS in catering and hospitality  

The BTS is carried out in 2 years with a final exam. Indeed, you can prepare it in private or public universities. The program is made up of three options: catering unit management, culinary production unit management, accommodation unit management. However, it is only accessible to people with a bachelor's degree.

License and Bachelor in hospitality and catering  

The license is done in three years without the BTS and one year with the BTS. You have two options. Indeed, you can choose between the management of catering units and sales strategies in the hotel industry. With the license, you can hold many positions including management.

The Master in Hospitality and Catering  

After the license, you can continue with a Master. Indeed, it allows you to do 5 years of studies in the field. In addition, it is done in 2 years or four semesters. The program revolves around the management of services in restaurants and hotels, the management and development of tourism, hotels and restaurants.

The price of training in hospitality and catering in Senegal  

The prices depend on the training centers. Indeed, each school offers its own rates according to its program. Example: the training school Ephore offers a BT in hotels and restaurants for a period of 2 years with a total cost of 320,000 CFA francs. In addition, there are more expensive formations. Indeed, the Thelma Institute offers training with three years in Dakar and one year in the United States with a cost of 4,000,000 CFA francs.

List of hotel and catering training schools in Senegal  

There are many hotel and restaurant training schools in Senegal. However, most of it is in Dakar. On the other hand, they offer complete training and internships at the end of training. Here is a non-exhaustive list of hotel and restaurant training courses in Senegal:

  • Iba Der Thiam University of Thies: it offers you a program on the management of Tourism and Hospitality. The latter gives the same outlets as training in hotels and restaurants. In addition, the license trains students in the concepts and methods of analysis in the hotel industry.
  • University of Sine Saloum El Hadji Ibrahima Niass training in tourism, hospitality, gastronomy and catering.
  • Thelma Institute is a higher education institution. It offers courses in luxury internationally oriented, hotel and catering trades. On the other hand, their courses are varied. Indeed, it starts from the license to the Doctorate. It is located at the Corniche des Almadies Lot 10 seafront.
  • ENFHT (National School of Hotel and Tourism Training): it offers training in cooking, pastry, bakery, dietetics, etc. It is located at Avenue Albert Sarraut, Dakar.

Opportunities for hotel and catering training in Senegal

Training in hospitality and catering in Senegal allows you to do several jobs in hotels. Indeed, you can work as:

  • Butler
  • Logistics Manager
  • Bartender or bartender
  • kitchen clerk
  • Chef
  • Governess
  • Responsible for reservations etc.

There are also accelerated training courses in hospitality and catering in Senegal through seminars and certifications.

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