✅ Graphic design training in Senegal

You want to become a graphic designer. Today, to do this profession properly, training is necessary. Indeed, it will allow you to learn and certify yourself in the field. But which course to choose? Which training school did you go to? And what job should you choose at the end of your training? We take stock. Discover in this article the training courses in graphic design in Senegal.

The different types of graphic design training in Senegal

There are various types of graphic design training in Senegal that gives you the chance to learn the workings of the trade. Indeed, you have the choice between doing a BTS, the license or the master.

The BTS in graphic design in Senegal

The BTS in graphic design lasts 2 years. It is divided into two branches: print media and digital media. Its aim is to give you the necessary skills to work as a freelancer or in advertising agencies. The program revolves around:

  • Culture in graphic design
  • Plastic and digital design
  • Different graphics editing environments

The graphic design license in Senegal

The license in graphic design does not exist properly speaking in Senegal. Indeed, it is included in other training such as computer graphics. The latter allows you to learn the trade and later specialize in the field. The training lasts 3 years in which you will learn the professions of the graphic design and visual design industry. You can also choose these equivalent diplomas:

  • The Bachelor in Graphic Designer
  • License in visual communication

The Master in Graphic Design in Senegal

The master's degree in graphic design is a bac+5 diploma. Indeed, it allows you to deepen your knowledge. But also to have the necessary skills to solve a given problem in graphic design. During the training, you will learn web design, graphic design and digital communication. The program concerns:

  • Project management
  • HTML and CSS programming languages
  • Motion design
  • 3D prints, etc.

Graphic design training schools in Senegal

There are training schools dedicated to graphic design in Senegal. Indeed, the latter give you the opportunity to do a bachelor's or master's degree in the field.


It offers training in graphic and digital arts. It trains specialists and students. Also, it helps you learn design, image processing, and web integration. However, it offers a license and a master's degree in Graphic Art. The program concerns Computer Graphics, Web Designer and Motion Designer.

Admission to Supimax

Admission to Supimax is done in two steps. First, you must first get an interview with an educational council. The latter will give you the necessary information on the training you have chosen as well as the registration fees. You can get this interview via their website. www.supimax.com. Then you will go to the registration formalities which is done on site.

The registration file to be provided

Before registering, be sure to look for the documents below:

  • A school registration form
  • Two passport photos
  • A photocopy of identity card or passport
  • A legalized photocopy of your baccalaureate diploma

Yux Dakar

Yux was launched in May 2016. Its objective is to democratize design in Senegal and in the sub-region. It provides professional training in design and UX.

Training at Yux

Learning at Yux is done online in a period of 2 to 3 weeks, i.e. 2 to 3 hours of lessons per day. However, the school offers the best students of each cohort 3-month internships. This will allow them to improve their level.

Who can register for the training?

To do this training, you must have skills in software programming and graphic design. You must be available 7 months from registration. To register, go to their official website yux.design/academy.

The cost of training

To do the training, you must pay 50,000 CFA francs before the start of the course. And the rest will be deducted from your internship salaries, i.e. 15 % for 6 months.

Opportunities for graphic design training in Senegal

After training in graphic design in Senegal, you can occupy different positions. Indeed, the training allows you to work in graphic design or multimedia. So you can work as:

  • web designer
  • Multimedia project manager
  • Artistic director
  • Computer graphics designer

Graphic design training in Senegal gives you the opportunity to train in graphic design and be operational in several areas of the profession.

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