✅ Computer maintenance training in Senegal

Today, many businesses run on computers. Indeed, from the reception agent to the Top Manager, all use new technologies. On the other hand, these supports break down or even stop working sometimes. So that's where the maintenance technician comes in. On the other hand, to do this job, you must first of all be trained. Discover in this article all the necessary information on the computer maintenance training in Senegal.

What are the training courses that allow you to exercise the profession of computer maintenance in Senegal??    

There are various types of computer maintenance training in Senegal that allows you to practice the profession. Indeed, it is one of the few sectors that can be done through various training courses.


In bac+2 

You can do a short training in computer maintenance. Indeed, there are courses in DTS, BTS and DUT in the field. In addition, these training choices are available to you, if you want to practice the profession very quickly.

  • Accelerated maintenance training
  • DUT in computer science
  • DUT in maintenance and network
  • BTS in computer maintenance

In bac+3

After a bac+2 you can continue for a license. Indeed, this will allow you to qualify for a computer maintenance technician profile. Also, there are four types of license in the domain.

  • License in computer maintenance
  • Bachelor's degree in IT management
  • The professional license in maintenance and network
  • The Bachelor

In bac+5

The master's level gives you the opportunity to be a doctor in the discipline. Indeed, it allows you to have a confirmed professional profile. However, you can choose between two masters in the field.

  • The master in maintenance and network
  • And the MBA in computer maintenance

How to access computer maintenance training in Senegal?

Training in computer maintenance in Dakar is accessible from the baccalaureate. Indeed, whatever type of baccalaureate you have obtained, you can do the training. However, to access it, nothing could be simpler. Get closer to the computer maintenance training school of your choice and take the necessary steps.

Computer maintenance training schools in Senegal

Universities in Senegal offer comprehensive training in computer maintenance. Indeed, you can do professional training in the field without leaving the country. Here is a non-exhaustive list of maintenance training schools in Senegal.

UP'TECH (accelerated training)

It offers you accelerated training in computer maintenance. Indeed, once you integrate the training, you will have to learn: hardware maintenance, software and network maintenance. However, the courses take place in 15 hours or 6 hours per week.

Training prices  

There are two types of subscription to UP'TECH :

  • Group training which costs 75,000 CFA francs or 25,000 CFA francs per module
  • And the individual training which amounts to 180,000 CFA francs


To register for the training, fill out the form on their official website: www.uptechformation.com.      

IACOM (DTS Maintenance and computer networks)

IACOM gives you the opportunity to have a higher technician diploma in maintenance and networks. Indeed, the training will allow you to have the necessary skills to manage a computer park.

During the two years of training, you will be required to do: mathematics, statistics, but also practical courses in telecommunications, maintenance and electronics.

They have a campus in Pikine near the ICOTAF pharmacy, in Keur Massar near the former Senelec agency and in Diamniadio near the bus station.

ISI Group (professional bachelor's degree in computer maintenance and Master's degree in Network and computer systems)


The objective of the training is to allow you to acquire skills in technical maintenance and computer science. In addition, at the end of the training, you will be able to set up an information system and ensure its proper functioning.

Who can register?

Anyone with a bachelor's degree can apply for admission. In addition, at the end of the training the student will be sanctioned with a professional diploma in computer maintenance.

The master 

For the master, the course is organized into lectures and tutorials, seminars and projects. In addition, lessons take place over fifteen weeks per semester, including three weeks for assessments and 12 weeks for theoretical and practical teaching.

Admission requirements

Only people with a degree in computer science or an equivalent diploma can access this training.


You can pre-register via their website. www.groupeisi.com or go there at km1 avenue Cheikh Anta Diop.

Computer maintenance training in Senegal helps you easily integrate the world of work. In addition, it is a sector that requires more and more workers.

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