✅ The best management training schools in Senegal

Senegal has many management training schools. These are classified into business and management schools. They train professionals in economics, finance, management and management. Discover in this article the best management training schools in Senegal.

The best management training schools in Senegal 

Management training encompasses a variety of courses. Indeed, the lessons provided in the field are fundamental to progress in companies. These management or management training centers give you the opportunity to train in:

  • Financial management
  • international management
  • Accounting and Management
  • Management IT
  • International resource management
  • Computing

These 4-year courses allow you to specialize in: market finance, auditing and accounting, human resources administration.

The best management training schools are mostly business or management schools. They offer courses of excellence and diplomas that lead to key positions in business.

ISM (Higher Institute of Management)

It is one of the best private management schools in Senegal. It welcomes various nationalities from all over Africa.  These external collaborations with universities and international companies facilitate the learning and integration of students.

It offers various teaching modules from bachelor's to master's degrees. Indeed, you can do a license in business law, legal activity, litigation and recovery. It also offers higher degrees in international management, accounting and finance.

Enrollment at the ISM costs 1,250,000 CFA francs for the first year. The amount concerns registrations and monthly payments.

BEM Dakar

Named several times best Business School in Black Africa, BEM occupies an important place in education in Senegal. It has more than 30 nationalities. It is one of the few universities to offer these students the possibility of doing a Bachelor Kedge. This diploma gives the possibility of doing an end-of-cycle internship in English-speaking countries or in France.

The BEM Dakar program is composed of Bachelor, MBA and Master. You can do your Bachelor's degree there in statistics and computer science, in business administration, agro business and industry.

ESUP Dakar 

ESUP has gained popularity due to these high success rates. Today, the school has more than 20,000 executives trained in different fields. It welcomes about twenty nationalities.

It offers a wide range of courses in management and accounting, marketing and communication, international trade and journalism. Their accounting and management course helps to make a career in the field of finance, auditing and management control.

The training offered by ESUP includes the license and the master. Second cycle students can specialize in a specific field.

The Dakar Sup de co Group

It is one of the top 3 best Business Schools in Senegal. It is approved by the State and the CAMES. However, it offers Bachelor courses in management and administration.

Their accounting and management program gives you the knowledge to integrate businesses. It gives the chance to master the fundamentals of Syscohada, accounting standards and a great culture in the field.

After training, students will be sanctioned with a Bachelor's degree. The latter will allow them to work as an accountant, financial analyst, accountant treasurer or payroll manager.

Tuition fees are payable once or in installments with an increase of 5%. They are spread over 10 months from October to July. We also note that each student must pay 40,000 CFA francs as maintenance fees.

Ensup Africa

It is a private institution of higher education. They mainly offer bachelor's and master's degrees in the field of management sciences. The school favors practice and group work with workshops to familiarize students with the realities on the ground. Most of these courses are recognized by the Minister of Higher Education and CAMES.

It offers training in accounting and management, audit and management control, quality management and management information technology.

The cost of registration at Ensup amounts to 130,000 CFA francs per year for a license, monthly payments at 50,000 CFA francs. For the master, you must pay the sum of 60,000 CFA francs as a monthly payment and registration fees which amount to 160,000 CFA francs.

The best management training schools in Senegal offer different professional streams. They offer nationally and internationally recognized diplomas. Now it's up to you, do not hesitate to inquire before registering.