✅ Take a buggy or quad ride to Lac Rose – Rental, Price, contact

Visits to Rose Lake are not limited to canoe trips and cart forays. In fact, you can take a walk buggy or quad at Lac Rose. Prepare for excitement.

The proposed formulas  

You have several formulas at your disposal for a buggy or quad ride at Lac Rose. Indeed, you can make your choices according to your desires.

Short tour formula – Price 15000 FCFA

If you are looking for a quick walk through the dunes, this tour is for you. The guides will take you on a buggy or quad ride at Lac Rose, so you can get a glimpse of the surroundings. You will be able to see how the dunes stretch endlessly and how they change depending on the time of day.

Grand tour formula – Price 25000 FCFA

If you want to be comfortable and enjoy motorized car rides, this package is for you. You will have the chance to discover the famous Paris-Dakar track. In addition, you can also discover the filaos and the roads of Niague.

You can choose one activity or several if you want to spend more time. The hikers will take care of all your needs!

Half-day formula 

This formula is much more complete than the other two. Indeed, before starting your journey, you will have 15 minutes to prepare. During this time the guides will explain what you need to do. It's also time to equip yourself. The walk allows you to benefit from a wide tour at Lac Rose level. The incursion will be accompanied by a discovery of gastronomy and you will also benefit from a magnificent swimming pool. So don't forget to bring your appetite!

Personalized formula

You can customize your trip as a family or as a couple. Indeed, you can take a buggy or quad ride at Lac Rose in a group, it's offering you what you want in this formula.

Take a ride in a buggy or quad at Lac Rose, the 4 wheels available

There are many vehicles on offer. They will meet your expectations. You will find light, but also robust all-terrain 4-wheelers. You can choose the following models:

  • CFORCE 450: this vehicle combines power and manoeuvrability, it can brave all terrains. It will meet your expectations
  • UFORCE 550: This vehicle is a real off-road machine that adapts to all tracks. She can take shocks
  • CFORCE 550: this 4-wheeler has a modern design, it is associated with a robust 495 cc engine

The different tracks

You have the choice between different tracks, each with a different type of terrain and configuration. Indeed, you can make the choice according to your desires. You can choose between:

  • The beach: you will enjoy the natural air and breathtaking views
  • Beaten yards allow you to travel through steep dunes and trees

The tours vary in terrain and layout, allowing you to choose between different types of experiences. These routes come with breathtaking views and natural air.

Taking a buggy or quad ride at Lac Rose has never been easier. There really is no better way to feel the breeze in your hair and admiring the spectacular scenery around you. Now, it's your turn to play. You can take your walks in complete safety.

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