✅ State nurse training in Senegal

Nursing assistants provide routine, specific and home care. They are essential for the proper functioning of hospitals. However, to practice this profession legally, you need two years of training with a state diploma. Find out in this article everything you need to know about the State nurse training in Senegal.

Becoming a state nurse in Senegal: the necessary training

State nurse training in Senegal generally requires the baccalaureate, preferably S1 or S2 series. However, it remains accessible to people who do not have this diploma.

To do this job after the baccalaureate, you can enroll in one of the state-recognized health schools. In addition, you can attempt the direct contest ofENDSS (Nursing Training Institute in Dakar). Indeed, after two years of training, you will receive a state nursing diploma. The latter will allow you to make a career as a caregiver. However, after one year of activity, you can take another exam to have a childcare diploma or two years to pass a nurse anesthetist diploma.

State nursing training schools in Senegal 

State nursing training schools in Senegal provide practical theoretical courses with internships in hospitals. However, some are paying and others accessible by competition.

ENDSS (Nursing Training Institute in Dakar)  

ENDSS is a public school. It provides initial courses for people who have passed the competition. And private lessons for professionals who wish to acquire new knowledge. However, the state diplomas issued by the school concern only students in initial courses.

It trains nurses in midwifery, sanitary engineering, social assistance, etc.

The conditions for admission to the direct competition   

It is accessible to Senegalese and foreign students through a competition.

The conditions of admission to the direct competition for Senegalese students

To take part in the competition, the candidate must send a handwritten request to the Minister of Health in charge of medical prevention. In addition, it must clearly specify in the letter the chosen training section. The latter must be accompanied by a birth certificate, a certificate of Senegalese nationality. In addition, the applicant must put the documents in a stamped envelope containing his exact address.

Admission requirement for foreign applicants

They must provide the same documents as Senegalese applicants. The difference is that they have to pay 7000 F CFA non-refundable for the application fee. Transcripts of the diploma requested must also be part of the documents.

Please note: applications must reach the school before April 30 of the year preceding the start of the school year.

The conditions for admission to the professional competition

For those who wish to take the competition, you must provide the following documents:

  • A handwritten request addressed to the Minister of Health
  • A birth certificate
  • An administrative or work certificate
  • A resume

Registration fees

The candidate must also pay a sum of 6000 F CFA. This sum will be used to pay for an insurance policy which costs 1000 F CFA and a mutual health insurance at 5000 F CFA.

The School of Management and Applied Sciences (EMSA) 

EMSA is a multidisciplinary training school. Indeed, it offers many training courses in areas such as: banking finance insurance, international trade, health. To train nurses, it has set up EMSA HEALTH. In this program, students are trained in state midwifery, assistant nurses, bioinformatics, public health, nutrition. However, the training is based on practice, the student is in regular contact with the hospital environment.

Admission requirements

The school is accessible by competition in the first year of health. The competition is open to scientific and literary series. Baccalaureate holders under the age of 24 can apply.

The documents to provide   

Students in their final year who wish to participate in the competition must provide the following documents:

  • A description sheet to fill out
  • The two transcripts of the second class at the terminal
  • Registration fee of 10,000 F CFA non-refundable


  • Application form to be completed on their official website
  • Legalized photocopy of the baccalaureate certificate
  • The transcripts of the second, first and final class
  • 10,000 CFA francs for application fees

State nurse training in Senegal: DASH Institute

Bilingual School Of Health and Management (DASH) is a bilingual paramedic and medical training school. It provides high-quality, practice-based courses. It is a school that trains health professionals. It allows students to progress in state health courses.

DASH Admission Requirements 

For the show at DASH, the contestant must be physically and morally fit.

And have one of the following qualifications:

  • Literary baccalaureate: L2 series
  • Scientific baccalaureate: series S2, S1, T and G

The file to provide

To register for DASH you must provide:

  • A photocopy of national identity card
  • A legalized copy of the latest diplomas and transcripts
  • Birth certificate dating less than 3 months
  • Nationality certificate

Job openings for state nurses in Senegal

After training as a state nurse, the graduate can work as:

  • nurse anesthesiologist
  • Nurse in the operating room
  • childcare worker

Nursing training can be done almost anywhere in Senegal. However, you have to choose your school carefully. Ask if the courses are recognized by the state.

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