✅ Short-term computer training in Dakar

IT is a booming sector that is recruiting. Indeed, companies need IT specialists to run their activities internally and externally. But to benefit from these job offers, you will need to do long or short-term training in the field. You will find in this article all the necessary information on the short-term computer training in Dakar.

What you need on short computer training courses in Dakar

Short-term computer training in Dakar can be done in a few days and sometimes in 6 months at most. The course often ends with a qualifying or certifying diploma. They are intended for students, professionals who wish to develop their skills and individuals. However, they are very accessible because of the affordable training prices. The apprenticeship program allows you to acquire skills in a period of time. In addition, the trainings are practice-oriented.

Computer training available in Dakar

Short-term computer training courses in Dakar are:

  • Web and app development
  • computer security
  • Office automation
  • Network administration
  • Computer maintenance
  • Complementary training through various tools
  • Digital Marketing

Short-term computer training schools in Dakar

This type of training is provided by training schools or by individuals. Indeed, training schools establish well-defined programs with sessions. Here is an example of short computer training courses in Dakar.

Bakeli School of Technology

Bakeli is a training school whose teaching focuses on new technologies. Indeed, it trains in new technologies and digital professions. In addition, their training lasts three months.

How to register for Bakeli?

Registration for Bakeli is very simple, go to their official website: www.recipe-bakeli.bakeli.tech. Indeed, you will find a registration form that will allow you to choose your type of training and the month you want to start the program.

The programs provided by Bakeli

The school provides various computer training courses including:

Web and mobile development

Training in web and mobile development is partly hands-on. Indeed, the student will have the opportunity to learn the basics of programming through environment and various programming languages. However, there are two ways of learning for this module. Indeed, you can do a face-to-face or online course.

Face-to-face courses

Face-to-face training costs 90,000 CFA francs. Indeed, this sum includes the registration estimated at 30,000 CFA francs and the monthly payment 20,000 spread over 3 months.

Distance courses

Online courses are more expensive. Indeed, the apprenticeship costs 140,000 CFA francs, including 50,000 CFA francs for registration, and 30,000 CFA francs for the monthly payment for 3 months.

UX/UI Design Training

This training will allow you to acquire skills in graphics, design, information architecture and user research and testing.

The face-to-face course

The registration is at 30,000 CFA francs and the monthly payment at 20,000 CFA francs spread over 3 months. Also note that places are limited.

Online courses

Online registration costs 30,000 CFA francs. In addition, each month, you will pay 15,000 CFA francs for schooling.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is today the lever of business development. Indeed, it is a way for them to strengthen their images on the internet. Also, the training focuses on content creation tools, social media marketing, SEO methods. However, for this training, you also have the option of taking face-to-face courses or online courses.

Face-to-face courses

Face-to-face courses cost 90,000 CFA francs. Indeed, the 30,000 F CFA will be used for registration, the 60,000 F CFA remaining for monthly payments.

Distance courses

Registration for distance courses costs 30,000 CFA francs and the monthly payment 15,000 CFA francs spread over 3 months.

Classes are usually from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon.

Short-term computer training in Dakar offers many opportunities. Indeed, the candidate can have a certification quickly in a field.

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