✅ Salary of a medical representative in Senegal

The medical visitor is a person who carries out commercial activities related to medical and pharmaceutical practices. He usually represents a company that sells products to healthcare professionals. His role is to promote these products to health professionals, so he must be familiar with the products. In this article you will find the salary of a medical representative in Senegal.


The sales representative must be able to communicate effectively with doctors in order to convince them to prescribe his product. In addition, he must be able to listen carefully to what they tell him about the needs and preferences of their patients in order to be able to offer them solutions adapted specifically to the situation of each patient.

This job requires a person:

  • Confident, but not arrogant
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Who knows how to adapt quickly and take initiatives
  • Who has the sense of organization
  • Who has good analytical skills and can make decisions quickly
  • Able to handle stress well
  • Who understands how important it is that the medical practices or hospitals where she works regularly know her personally or at least her name

What is the salary of a medical representative in Senegal?

It can be difficult to determine the ssalary of a medical representative in Senegal. After all, the job market is competitive and many factors go into determining what you will earn. But before we start talking about the salary you'll earn as a medical sales representative, let's take a look at some of the most important factors that influence your salary.

First of all, it is important to know that there are two main types of delegation companies: those that deal with international delegations and those that deal with national delegations. The first type tends to pay higher wages than the second.

Sales representatives are paid on commission, which means that their remuneration depends on the number of sales they make. Salaries vary from 129,265 FCFA to 719,280 FCFA gross per month.

The starting salary of a new representative is between 129,265 and 321,291 FCFA. After 5 years of seniority, the delegate can claim salaries of 191,298 to 492,552 FCFA.

Medical representatives with more than 4 years of experience can claim a gross income of 8,631,360 FCFA per year.

How to work as a medical representative in Senegal?

Do you want to work as a medical representative? It's a great way to help the world while making money. But you will have to train yourself first!

You must have the baccalaureate. Then you can take training in health schools in Dakar, where you will learn sales techniques and the composition of drugs.

Evolution of the profession

This job is very demanding, because it requires a lot of energy and physical strength. After 5 years of practice in this profession, many representatives are trying to settle. They can become team leaders or product managers and work in the marketing department of a laboratory.

Medical representatives are generally independent contractors. As such, they generally have no benefits and their income may vary from mission to mission. Indeed, the salary range of a medical representative in Senegal is quite wide. The lowest income is at 1,551,180 FCFA gross per year.

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