✅ Rental of construction machinery and construction equipment in Senegal

If you have a construction site, the rental of construction materials in Senegal is the best solution. It concerns the machines, vehicles and safety equipment used for the smooth running of a construction project. The price is often charged to construction costs. To rent these machines, you will have to go to companies that specialize in this service. You will find all the necessary information in this article.

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Rental of building materials in Senegal 

There are several types of structures in Senegal that allow you to rent building materials. You can rent all kinds of gear there.

Bacotrans BTP

The company offers different types of construction materials: earthworks, extraction, handling, demolition. It has all the tools you need for your job. It is located in Dakar, Senegal at the Massamba Sow building, lot 128, 1st floor!

Construction materials offered by Bacotrans BTP

Botcotrans offers a wide choice of construction machinery for rent in Senegal. If you need to work at height or do earthmoving, extraction, lifting, handling, demolitions, you will have what you need.

If you have to work at height, they offer different types of machines for rent: spider trucks, articulated, scissor, telescopic. Also, if you are planning an earthmoving project, they have the necessary machinery: loaders, bulldozers, excavators and dumpers. If you have heavy loads to lift or handle. It can provide you with forklifts and mobile cranes. And if you have to demolish a building, they have what you need: excavators with jackhammers and concrete pump trucks.

Tall Transport

When you need to hire construction equipment in Senegal, Tall Transport is the company to turn to.

With a wide range of gear, they can meet your needs wherever you are in Senegal. Their inventory includes:

  • mechanical shovels, graders,
  • bulldozers, compactors,
  • Kerax tank transporters,
  • excavators, crushers,
  • crane trucks and excavators

The company provides rental services for all types of customers: from individuals to companies and public administrations.

Leasing contract for construction materials

When lending or providing site materials, it is necessary to draw up a rental contract between the lessor and the lessee for security, tax and legal reasons. For good management, it is necessary to formalize everything.

The latter must contain the nature of the contract, the date and effect of the contract, the condition of the equipment, the rental price of each equipment, the duration and the clauses in the event of a dispute.

In addition to this basic information that should be included in any rental agreement, you can also include other details depending on your needs:

  • The price per hour
  • The duration of use
  • Additional services offered by the lessor

Renting construction materials in Senegal does not take time. After contacting a lessor and agreeing on the terms of your rental contract, all you have to do is pick up your equipment! Now you have all the necessary information, it's up to you. Feel free to visit our classifieds site for more opportunities.

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