✅ Senegalese wrestling program in 2021 – 2022

With a blank year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Senegalese wrestling returns with unprecedented dates. Indeed, the promising such as Gaston, Luc Nicolaï and Thialis have tied up titanic fights like Balla Gaye vs Bombardier or Ama Baldé vs Modou Lo. Do not miss any fight, here the Senegalese wrestling program in 2022.

Senegalese wrestling calendar 2021 – 2022

Frank vs ForzaOctober 2, 2022
Balla Gaye vs Gray Boy Niang 2January 1, 2023
Sa thies vs Reug reug05 March 2023

Boy Niang 2 vs Tapha Tine on December 19, 2021

Tapha Tine, the giant of Baol for a long time without a fight, will face Boy Niang 2. A perfect opportunity for De Gaulle's son to erase these bad memories of the arena. Indeed, it lost against Lac de Guiers 2 in July 2019 which had made him lose a lot of points. It's a strategic fight. Indeed, the two men will fight to hope to keep their place in the big leagues.

Balla Gaye 2 vs Bombardier on January 1, 2022.      

This month of July promises in terms of wrestling matches. Indeed, Gaston Mbengue won the second fight between Balla Gaye 2 and Bombardier, a shock and revenge between the two men. Recall that their last fight in June 2014 ended with a victory for B52. So, an opportunity for Bombardier to reaffirm its size on the lion of Guédiawaye and an opportunity for Balla Gaye to avenge the affront.

Gouy Gui vs Reug Reug, 20 February 2022

Finally, the fight between the two men is formalized. It will take place at the National Arena. Reug Reug had left Senegal to devote himself to MMA. This fight will be a homecoming for him. Gouy Gui meanwhile emerged victorious from his fight with Siteu. Will he reassert his supremacy?

The Senegalese wrestling program in 2021 promises unprecedented events. Stay glued to our page so you don't miss any information.

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