✅ Price of office automation training in Dakar

The training allows the future secretary, hostess or executive assistant to learn how to use the various office software. To do the training, you have several choices. Indeed, you can do it in the short term or in the long term. Discover in this article all the necessary information on the office automation training in Dakar.

Office automation training in Dakar

Office automation courses introduce students to the use of office tools. Indeed, most of the learning revolves around the Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). At the end of the training, the student will most often be able to do word processing, Windows assisted content, and spreadsheets.

There are long-term office training courses that can be done in private universities with a diploma at the end. And short-term training organized in the form of a seminar by training schools or professionals which ends with a certificate of success.

Who can do office automation training in Dakar ?

Most office automation training is accessible without a diploma. However, some trainers require the BFEM. In addition, to do the BTS in office automation, the baccalaureate is necessary. However, in the schools of cheeses in office automation in Dakar, admission is done by study of files.

Office training schools    

Training schools offer certification in office automation or a diploma. In addition, the courses allow professionals or individuals to have skills in the field in face-to-face or online courses.

ESNT (Higher School of New Technologies)

It offers BTS training in secretarial and office automation. Indeed, the training allows students to learn the essential secretarial modules and office automation tools. In addition, the diploma awarded at the end is a higher technician certificate recognized by the State. The training also includes a compulsory internship of 30 to 45 days in a company.

The price of training

The training costs 300,000 CFA francs per year. Indeed, the latter is dispatched in two, the registration which is fixed at 75,000 F CFA and the monthly payments which amount to 225,000 F CFA.


Registration for the BTS secretariat and office automation at ESNT is done online. Indeed, you can submit your application by this web address: www.esntdakar.com.


It offers training in secretarial and office automation, master's level. In addition, this training allows learners to master modern office automation techniques. Their master's training lasts 2 years with a diploma at the end.

The cost of training is 300,000 CFA francs per year. However, to register go to the website www.e-cefas.com.

Accelerated training in office automation in Dakar

Office automation training in Dakar is often given in accelerated courses. Indeed, the latter allow individuals and professionals who wish to strengthen their knowledge in the field quickly.

Example of accelerated office automation training in Dakar


ISERTI offers accelerated training in office automation. Indeed, the training focuses on the Windows environment, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel. In addition, she is at 100% practical. At the end of the training, the learner will receive a certificate of achievement.

The application file  

The application file is composed of:

  • Two passport photos  
  • A CV
  • A photocopy of ID
  • And an application fee of 50,000 CFA francs

To submit your application, visit the site www.iserti.com.

Opportunities for office automation training in Dakar

Certification or diploma in office automation prepares for secretarial and office automation jobs. In addition, after the training, you can occupy these different positions in the company.

  • Secretary
  • Executive assistant
  • Hostess

There are two types of office automation training in Dakar. Indeed, the courses can be done in the long term or the short term. Depending on your type of training, you will be certified or graduate. In addition, also note that accelerated training is cheaper.

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