✅ Organizations doing volunteer work in Senegal

Which organizations do voluntary work in Senegal?

There are many organizations volunteering in Senegal. These charitable organizations work in helping the poor, school repairs and development. You will find some examples in this article.

Save the Children

Save the Children is an international non-governmental association which considers the child as one of its main priorities. It has existed since 1919 and works with different partners to bring about change in developing countries. The association is considered one of the best organizations doing volunteer work in Senegal in its field. She has helped thousands of children to have a better life and a better future.

Their projects

They have carried out several projects in different sectors including education, governance for children's rights.


The Inclusive Education Project is a collaborative effort between Save the Children and the European Union. The latter aims to advance the issue of education for children living with disabilities in Senegal. Education is a right for every child, regardless of ability or disability, and they work hard to make this possible.

Governance for children's rights

The association strives to ensure that children's voices are heard. It partners with civil society organizations and community groups to empower children to play an active role in holding governments to account for their rights.

Living Water

If we talk about organizations doing voluntary work in Senegal, it is impossible not to mention Eau Vive. Since its creation in 1978, it has worked and fought for better access to basic social services.

In 1994, the association opened an office in Thiès, Senegal. It supports political programs that promote solidarity and cooperation between peoples.

Eau Vive's achievements cover several areas such as local capacity building, hydraulics, sanitation and integrated water resources management.

Thanks to the association, many people have benefited from better access to drinking water and education on water-related topics.

The Xaley Foundation

The Xaley Foundation fights for children's rights. Their fight is based on gender equality. It is also based on innovation in addressing the complex issue of girls' education.

The foundation has been around for several years, and its mission has always been to help children and their families feel safe. She works with a number of organizations to create a safe environment where children can learn and grow.

It is committed to ensuring that all children have access to education. In addition, it also strives to address issues such as poverty and health, which affect many children in the United States. They want all children to be cared for and supported by their community.

For a Senegalese childhood

The association For a Childhood in Senegal is a non-profit organization that helps street children. Its mission is to help underprivileged children by welcoming them, taking care of them and ensuring that they have access to education.

Here are some examples of their action:

  • Health: The association distributes more than 550 treatments per month
  • Nutrition: It distributes more than 300 breakfasts per week
  • Education: It promotes access to education for young people thanks to its literacy class of 60 students

Organizations doing volunteer work in Senegal are not just limited to those listed in this article. You can find others. We hope you enjoyed this article.

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