✅ The general competition in Senegal: everything you need to know

the general competition in Senegal is organized each year to reward the best students in first and final class. It goes through a competition of various subjects taught in the two classes. At the end of the tests, the applicants in the lead in each subject come out as recipients. They are rewarded with various awards of excellence. However, applicants must be selected by their institution.

Registration conditions

To apply for the general competition in Senegal, you must meet a number of conditions. Indeed, whether you are in first or final class, failure to comply with one of these conditions may invalidate your application.

Admission requirements for students in first and final class

Candidates in the terminale class must be aged 21 to 22 years at the most in the year of the competition and have never repeated the class of first and terminale. In addition, for academic grades he must have an annual average of 12/20 in second and first and the current year. That's not all. Indeed, the organizers also require a semester average of 14/20 on the subject matter. To top it off, he must be recommended by his teacher.

The documents to attach to the application file for the general competition in Senegal 

To complete your file, you must include:

  • Report cards from second level to the class of the current year
  • A certified copy of your birth certificate issued during the CFEE examination
  • A document that certifies your teacher's authorization to take the competition in the discipline he is teaching you

General competition tests in Senegal 

To participate in the general competition in Senegal, you can choose your subject according to the following list:

Students in first class can choose between:

  • Geography
  • The story
  • French
  • Latin
  • Greek
  • Foreign language and civilization
  • Mathematical
  • Physical education and sport
  • Citizenship and human rights

Students in their final year can choose:

  • Geography
  • The story
  • The philosophy
  • Mathematical
  • Physics
  • Life and earth science for science series
  • Mechanical construction for students in series S3 and T
  • Economics for students in L2 and G
  • Accounting Technique for Series G
  • Electrical engineering and electronics for the T2 series
  • Islamic study for LAR serial students
  • Physical education and sport
  • Citizenship and human rights

For the general competition in Senegal, each establishment must present the list of these candidates on an Excel spreadsheet and on USB keys to the Baccalaureate Office.

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