✅ Comment obtenir une bourse d’excellence après le bac au Sénégal en 2023 ?

The excellence scholarship is awarded to graduates according to criteria. Indeed, only new baccalaureate holders who have obtained the mention very well or at the baccalaureate can benefit from it. In addition, the conditions for obtaining are clearly stipulated in article 16 of decree n°2014-913 of August 12, 2004. Discover in this article, how to obtain an excellence scholarship in Senegal?

The conditions for obtaining an excellence scholarship in Senegal

To obtain an excellence scholarship in Senegal, you must meet a number of conditions. Indeed, it is mandatory to have:

  • The mention very good or good at the baccalaureate
  • Pre-registration in interstate schools
  • A distinction in the general competition of the current year

Bourse d’étude 2024 2025

The application file

Obtaining the excellence scholarship requires an application. First of all, you must compile a file that includes:

  • A handwritten request to be sent to the Minister of Higher Education. The letter must contain your exact address and two contactable telephone numbers.
  • A photocopy of your pre-registration or registration in a preparatory school in France or in another country
  • A certified photocopy of your baccalaureate diploma
  • A legalized photocopy of your baccalaureate transcript
  • A legalized photocopy of the first two pages of your passport

You can submit your file to the mail office of the Minister of Education between July and August.

The conditions for keeping your scholarship after obtaining

If you benefit from an excellence scholarship, you must validate your semesters in the first round. In fact, each semester, you must have 60 credits in the first session up to Master 2. In the event of repeating a year, going to the next class by remedial session or changing course, you automatically lose the scholarship.

Excellence scholarships in Senegal concern only the best graduates. However, do not wait to have the baccalaureate to prepare your application. For more information, visit the website www.sgee-sn.org.

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