✅ Get a health pass in Senegal

Today, due to COVID-19 restrictions, you need a health pass to travel. Indeed, most countries require this type of certificate to stop the spread of the virus. Fortunately, you can get a health pass in Senegal. How's it going ? We take stock in this article.

The health pass issued in Senegal

The MSAS issues what is called an electronic certificate of vaccination. The latter contains a QR code that facilitates scanning. This document also gives information about the inoculated person and their vaccination data. It is accepted in all countries where a health pass is required.

How to get a health pass in Senegal?

You have two solutions to obtain a health pass in Senegal. Indeed, the first is to go to the platform www.vaccincorona.sec.gouv.sn for your registration. But first of all, you must be vaccinated, scan the card given to you during your vaccination and your identity card. Once on the website, fill in your information in the registration form such as your name, your first name, your telephone number and your contact details. Then upload the already scanned documents and click send.

For people who wish to travel to expedite the process, send a plane ticket or visa as proof.

It is possible to have the sanitary pass without going through the platform. Indeed, all you have to do is send the photo of the front and back of the card issued after your vaccination and your identity document to the email address evacci@sante.gouv.sn. Your pass will be sent to you by WhatsApp. You can also pick it up at the headquarters of the Minister of Health and Social Action on the second floors.

You can get a health pass in Senegal within four to five days. Also, this period may be shortened if you have planned a trip out of the country.